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Are the days of loyalty cards numbered after Tesco’s change?

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Some of you may know that Tesco recently made cuts to it’s Clubcard rewards, causing quite a controversy!

Customers, some who had saved their loyalty vouchers for as long as 23 years (when the programme was first introduced in 1995) were not happy and didn’t hold back on expressing their outrage.

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Loyalty Programmes are essential for retailers

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A recent study showed that a large proportion of consumers (94% to be exact) would use a mobile wallet more often if they could earn loyalty points with each transaction.

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Why Customer Loyalty Programs Are So Important in the Retail Sector

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The point of Loyalty programmes is to drive market share and although retail executives recognise the importance of customer loyalty programmes in this process, few have taken in depth action.

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PwC, Cohort Founders Spotlight

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White Label Loyalty is now being implemented worldwide for Hospitality/Leisure, Food & Drink & Retail industries. Providing not only tailored digital loyalty, but also a powerful engagement & retention engine that has been tested and proven to increase customer retention by 15% or more.

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