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Card Linking

In an age where convenience is king, you can create a frictionless experience and make things easier for your customers by turning their payment cards into loyalty cards. Read on to find out why card linking is the future of loyalty.

Easy to setup.

Our card linking system integrates directly with Visa, MasterCard and American Express, meaning it’s already compatible with your existing payment terminals. All we need is your merchant identification number (MID) and you can get started combining customer payment with your loyalty card app.

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Safe, secure and resilient.

Security is crucial when dealing with payment cards, which is why our system features a full PCI compliance and card tokenization. That means both you and your customer can rely on our card linking module to keep all transaction data safe and secure. Card network offline? Don’t worry; all your customers’ transactions will be linked to their loyalty card app accounts as soon as a connection is re-established, so nobody loses out.

Rewarding your consumers.

Reward card apps are built around providing benefits to your loyal customers. This is even easier with card linking. Our system can be used to power a variety of loyalty solutions, rewarding customers with points, gifts, personalised offers or sending cashback directly into their bank accounts.

Real-time payment data.

Card linking provides a frictionless way to capture all the data about a customer’s card transaction. That means you and your customer will be able to instantly access information such as location, merchant and spend. Your users can forget about the hassle of leaving cards at home or scanning codes.

Integration with mobile wallets.

Once your customer has linked up to the system, your loyalty card app can reward customers even when they don’t have their physical card. Our system works with mobile payment apps, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, for maximum convenience.

Choose your interface.

Our card linking system is integrated seamlessly with our mobile loyalty card app and microsite front-end solutions, providing an easy interface for your users to link their card with your loyalty program.

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Case Study

La Casita

See how La Casita used card linking to allow their customers to seamlessly collect points every-time they paid by card.

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