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You don’t have to settle for generic loyalty software. Create your own loyalty app by integrating our platform into your existing program with our software development kit (SDK).

Power up your app with loyalty.

Whatever your business, you can boost your loyalty program by turning your app’s users into advocates. Simply add the White Label Loyalty SDK to your app to immediately tap into the full power of the loyalty platform.

Boost your loyalty now

Full access.

Our loyalty platform gives each user the ability to view and interact with their personalised loyalty wallet in order to redeem the points and vouchers they’ve earned, increasing their engagement with your business and growing their brand loyalty.

Seamless integration.

Choose from a selection of SDKs to find the one that is most relevant for your platform: iOS, Android, or React Native. You can maintain a single user session throughout the reward card app and the loyalty platform using your pre-existing authentication provider.

Boost your business with gamification.

The SDK gives you the power to start tracking and rewarding user behaviour. You will be able to gain a full picture of how your app is being used and encourage repeated interactions through the use of points, tiers, vouchers and badges.