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Discover how PepsiCo tackles data collection hurdles in the FMCG industry using intelligent receipt scanning technology. 


The Challenge

FMCG and CPG companies struggle to collect reliable first-party customer data due to reliance on third-party cookies, fragmented data sources, privacy concerns, and limited data collection capabilities, particularly offline. These challenges become more significant in a cookieless future, making it essential for these companies to find new ways to collect and analyse data. 

PepsiCo wanted to reward customers who purchase their products from selected supermarkets in the Benelux region. They needed a solution that would allow customers to upload their proof of purchase receipts as part of different campaigns, such as prize draws and competitions. Additionally, PepsiCo needed to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, with each campaign offering different rewards and prizes to customers who meet the criteria.

The Challenge

The Solution

To capture data for its campaigns, PepsiCo chose White Label Loyalty's receipt scanning system. Customers who purchase selected PepsiCo products from associated brands upload their receipts using our intelligent data scanning technology. 

Each receipt is validated against a set of qualifying rules in the engine, depending on the campaign. If the receipt meets the requirements, the user can enter various competitions to win a wide variety of rewards.

The Solution

The Results

Our receipt scanning solution allows PepsiCo to deliver a wide range of campaigns whilst tracking customer purchases and collecting valuable first-party data. Our technology also allows PepsiCo to increase customer engagement and reward customers for purchasing their products.

PepsiCo have run a total of 22 campaigns so far using the White Label Loyalty platform. Our receipt scanning technology has allowed them to collect first-party data from purchases made in the majority of merchants and retailers across the Netherlands and Belgium. The campaigns have captured over 13,000 products, with over 10,000 authorised receipt uploads.



The Results




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