Data Capture

Receipt Scanning

Receipt scanning can be an important function of loyalty card apps, which is why our custom-built system uses intelligent computer vision powered by machine learning to capture transaction data from any receipt.

Capturing every bit of receipt data.

Our receipt wallet system can be configured to extract any piece of data from a printed receipt, no matter how big or small. You can capture something as simple as the date and time of a transaction, all the way up to the full SKU and list of line items in the customer’s basket.

The flexibility to support any receipt.

Unusual receipt layout? No problem! The receipt app’s AI is powered by detailed computer vision and machine learning architecture, enabling it to quickly map the layout of any receipt or invoice.

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Fast and accurate.

Our system quickly analyses each receipt to detect its layout and select the appropriate mapping to extract the data accurately. Whether you’re powering a loyalty card app or just collecting information, you can be sure to get accurate results without having to wait.

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Multiple use cases.

Receipt scanning can be used to power many different solutions, including anything from a conventional loyalty software to an innovative brand activation and loyalty solutions that capture end user transactions without any retailer POS integration.

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Case Study

Burger King EMEA

See how Burger King deployed our receipt scanning technology to quickly launch their Kingdom Rewards loyalty program without the need to invest time and money integrating with multiple ePOS systems.

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