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Reward programs can be powerful marketing tools, allowing you to easily reach your users and involve them with your brand. Our solution lets you engage with your customers with the right message at the right time and through the right communication channel.

Targeted messaging.

Rather than sending out the same information to everyone on your loyalty card app, our system allows you to segment your users based on any characteristic and tailor your messaging to speak to each group. This gives you the power to create personalised, data-driven marketing messages across your preferred communication channels, driving customer engagement and value.

Schedule it up.

Keep your schedule flexible by queueing your marketing campaigns up to be delivered at a specific time and date, enabling you to plan in advance. You can even configure a recurring schedule to automatically deliver messages without the need for human intervention.

Intelligent delivery.

A notification is only useful if it’s going to be read and absorbed, which won’t happen if the user is busy. That’s why our system analyses data to determine when each user is most likely to be using their device, delivering notifications to the loyalty card app when users are most likely to engage with them. You can create campaigns that automatically react to your customer’s actions, targeting them when they are most receptive.

Take action

Campaign reporting.

To fully understand how well your reward program is working, you need access to data. Our system provides you with all the information you need, utilising integrated reporting to help you measure and understand the impact of your campaigns so you can tweak them where needed and make them as effective as possible.

Case Study

Emma's Diary

See how Emma’s Diary used our marketing module to engage their 700,000 users with a push notification campaign powered by customer data.

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