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Burger King EMEA

How do you increase visitors to your business, all while learning more about their behaviour? For Burger King Europe, the answer was a customer loyalty programme. We scoped, built and deployed an end to end reward programme for Burger King Switzerland in under three months utilising our loyalty engine, unique PWA microsite and receipt scanning technology.

Burger King EMEA

The Challenge

Burger King Europe was looking for a new loyalty solution. The company was aiming to retain more of its existing customers and increase the frequency with which they visited the restaurant chain; however, it also wanted a greater insight into the behaviour of its consumer base. This was a more complex puzzle to solve than it might sound.

Burger King is a huge business. It’s part of Restaurant Brands International, a company with over 26,000 restaurants worldwide. With such a large potential user base, it was important for Burger King to find a solution they could test out in a single pilot market before potentially rolling it out on a wider scale. The location chosen for this was Switzerland.

While this was obviously a much smaller market than the entirety of Europe, it still presented a considerable challenge. Whatever reward card app ended up being created would have to work across 75 stores owned by 14 different franchisees. This meant coming up with a restaurant loyalty software solution that would consistently capture transaction data across three different POS systems.

The Challenge

The Solution

To solve this puzzle, we decided to rule out directly integrating the loyalty app with the stores’ ePOS systems, as the multiple varieties of POS would have made this too costly and time-consuming. Instead, we configured our existing receipt scanning system to be able to understand the different receipt layouts Burger King Switzerland was using.

We also wanted to avoid any customer inconvenience. Many of Burger King’s consumer base already had a myBK account, so we decided to integrate a branded microsite into the existing Burger King app. This meant there was no need for customers to re-register to access the new loyalty programme.

The Solution

The Results

Our time-saving decisions worked, and we were able to deploy the pilot Burger King loyalty app in just three months. Despite the fact that the pilot scheme was advertised very little outside of the existing Burger King app, it quickly became a success.

The customer engagement that Burger King was seeing was impressive, but did it drive repeat visits? The data we collected shows that it did, with 44% of users submitting more than one receipt.

Throughout this time, we were able to keep the system up over 99.9% of the time, and successfully spotted fraudulent activity on several occasions. Due to the success of the pilot, we are now enhancing the system to directly integrate with self service kiosks and roll out the solution to other markets within Burger King EMEA.


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We approached White Label Loyalty to deliver a loyalty solution that was flexible enough to work across franchises with multiple point of sale systems and in several languages. They successfully delivered a solution that was up and running within our existing app within a few months which is continuously evolving in line with our strategy.

Katrin Anthes

Katrin Anthes - Digital Business Direct Markets Manager - Burger King EMEA

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