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SKB Bank BONUS Rewards Programme

SKB Bank, part of the OTP Group, is one of Slovenia’s leading banks. The SKB BONUS Rewards Programme was created as part of the OTP StartUp Booster Programme, run by OTP LAB - OTP Bank’s innovation hub, where expert colleagues, start-ups, innovative tech businesses, and educational institutions work together to develop the banking products and services of the future.

SKB Bank BONUS Rewards Programme

The Challenge

SKB Bank wanted to influence desired behaviour, increase satisfaction and engagement through gamifying digital experiences. They were also looking to increase card usage, Flik activation and transactions, incentivise word-of-mouth referrals and gather GDPR consent from clients.

White Label Loyalty suggested a 3-month pilot of a rewards solution that SKB Bank could use to engage more of their customers. The solution was a simplified version of a realistic long-term rewards program. 

The Challenge

The Solution

SKB Bank wanted to drive transactional as well as non-transactional behaviour. The rewards solution was created to increase customer usage of pre-existing products, cross-selling of additional products, organic advocacy for the brand, and gaining additional consent on usage of different communication channels and content. 

We created a standalone rewards microsite, where customers could log in and unlock offers and rewards. A gamified tiered rewards structure with challenges was used to maximise engagement, e.g. all new users had to finish a set of 3 tasks to move up from the Basic tier to the Bronze tier. Once completed, this would unlock new rewards. White Label Loyalty’s event-based loyalty engine was utilised to configure this rewards logic. 

Additionally, the full voucher management system within the WLL platform was used to manage all rewards (both partner and brand-owned). 

The Solution

The Results

The pilot exceeded all expectations. The programme delivered a high uptake in all three types of transactions (credit card, debit card and Flik instant payment). The Flik instant payment app saw a 17% increase in activations and a +188.2% growth in transactions. Non-transactional KPIs were also hit, with 3.5% of users referring SKB bank to a friend, which resulted in 1.48% new to bank clients

The program was equally successful in delivering on GDPR consent, resulting in 30.9% of GDPR consent updates to SKB Bank made by program users.

Finally, a survey among participants showed high satisfaction, with customers associating the emotions surprise and curiosity, owing to the fun and gamified nature of the program. 80% of the participants expressed delight with the challenges set in the program and most participants said the rewards offered were attractive and email communications about their progress was useful and interesting.

A full-scale long-term rewards program is now being scoped out and planned.

The Results


uplift in transactions




reward redemption rate


customer satisfaction


"Creating the SKB BONUS pilot program was a completely new experience for us and despite certain internal challenges, we managed to carry out the project in an excellent way and with great results.

Collaboration with WLL exceeded our expectations - responsiveness, proactivity, openness and readiness for finding new solutions is certainly what contributed to the smooth workflow and success of the project. We look forward to expanding the pilot onto mass production in 2023. 

Being a part of this story is definitely something to remember and we are happy to have had the chance to get involved in it."

Petra Beg, Toni Gril & Eva Rihtaršič

Petra Beg, Toni Gril & Eva Rihtaršič - SKB Bank's BONUS project team - SKB Bank (OTP Group)

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Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty

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