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The aim of a good loyalty program is to turn your customers into loyal advocates, boosting your acquisition and bringing more new users on board. While they can do this on their own via social media or word of mouth, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to refer you to more people.


Turn existing customers into brand advocates with as little friction as possible by having referral options built into your loyalty app. We make it easy for your customers to refer their friends in a way that suits them, using whichever channel (social media, messaging, email) they use most often.


Most loyalty programs are built around rewards, so why shouldn’t your referral system be as well? By creating incentives for both the referrer and referee through your loyalty card app, you can encourage more and more people to share your message and advocate for your brand.

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Fully tracked.

Make it easy for customers to refer friends with unique URLs delivered via email, social and mobile. Our events-based system tracks the complete referral lifecycle, letting you include the value of referred customers when analysing your customers’ lifetime value.


You could leave referring entirely in the hands of your customers, but why wait for them to do so? Instead, you can use our powerful segmentation tools to identify your most active and engaged customers, then send them a personalised incentive to start referring their friends.