Core Platform

Loyalty Engine

Our loyalty engine is an AI and event-based powerhouse that drives the White Label Loyalty platform. Every part of it is designed with your business in mind, giving you the power to maintain a customer base, improve retention and drive return visits.

Event. Action. Reaction. Insight

Designed to reflect real-world activity, our loyalty platform models interactions between your business and your customers as a stream of events (e.g. a customer making a purchase, providing feedback, entering a geofence or simply interacting with your content) from which customer loyalty can be derived. These events pass through our flexible rule engine where the logic of the system is defined, such as awarding ten points to a customer each time they make a transaction.

Go beyond the sale.

Due to our loyalty platform’s event-based architecture, you can reward any kind of customer action. This could include referring a friend, providing feedback or any other kind of custom event. Our flexible model allows you to take your loyalty program beyond just rewarding transactions.

Start rewarding

Level up.

Take your customers on a loyalty journey by utilising gamification in your reward card app. You can enable tiers to encourage customers to unlock additional benefits, or take it to the next level with gamification features, such as badges and achievements.

API access.

Our loyalty engine is built on an API-first architecture, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems. Every aspect of the platform can be managed by an API and connected to any data source. It can also work with many third-party APIs that allow you to add additional data into your loyalty platform, or export data for use elsewhere.

Custom integrations.

Due to our core platform’s capabilities, it can be built around any webhook, CRM integration or bespoke add-on as needed. You can have as much customisation as you need to integrate with your existing systems and reach customers however you choose.

Case Study

La Casita

See how La Casita used our loyalty engine to create a unique and effective loyalty program.

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