Multi-Tenanted Loyalty

Want to run your own multi-tenanted loyalty program? Our loyalty platform can be configured with everything you need to administer an unlimited number of different business tenants, giving you the power to be flexible and efficient.

Everything you need to manage multiple tenants.

We provide you with a turnkey solution to power your loyalty ecosystem, letting you manage as many businesses as you need to with the same reward platform. Whether you’re setting up a sector specific loyalty programme with multiple tenants, or want to power a local or nationwide offering from scratch, our solution will provide what you need.

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Coalition loyalty program.

For a solution that covers multiple businesses, you can utilise a coalition loyalty programme. This is a loyalty points program that is used across several different retailers, with customers earning points by shopping at each participating merchant. When they’ve accumulated enough points for a reward, they can redeem their points at any of the participating companies, or you can offer your own rewards. It is a flexible solution for dealing with multiple tenants.

Easy to operate.

Our loyalty infrastructure lets a large number of different sites easily sign up to your loyalty platform, giving them control over their own rewards. Meanwhile, you – the super admin – can view the overall programme performance and manage the data and marketing. You can have as much or as little direct control as suits your organisation, and still reap the benefits of a loyalty solution.

Case Study

Wotzon Rewards

See how our Wotzon deployed a multi-tenanted loyalty program in Thailand with hundreds of participating merchants, providing tourists with attractive money saving rewards to local businesses.

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