We provide you with a flexible loyalty API (application programming interface) to power your existing infrastructure or front-end with our loyalty SAAS solution.

API first.

Our system is designed on an API-first basis. That means every aspect of it can be interacted with through an API connection, so there’s no need to build yourself a new app or site.

Power your existing infrastructure.

If you’ve already invested in existing solutions, our loyalty and rewards APIs allow you to embed our SAAS loyalty solution within your platform rather than having to build entirely new applications from scratch. You can save time and money, and you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

Power Your Loyalty

Rewards API

Our Rewards API gives you complete control, allowing you to structure your loyalty card app however you want. Change how points are earned, the rewards available to your users and much more to create the reward program that’s right for you.

Events API

With our Events API, you can define and retrieve ‘events’. These can be any actions your users take, such as making a purchase or sharing a social media post. You can then establish what ‘actions’ should happen in response, such as granting a reward, letting you customise every detail of your loyalty app.

Users API

The Users API is the database at the heart of your loyalty programme. It allows your service to register, list and retrieve users, as well as their attributes, such as their points balance, unredeemed vouchers, or last active date.

Venues API

The Venues API allows you to create or bulk-upload venue information for your physical stores. Data (e.g. the address, contact number, reservation links and more) can all be stored in one easy-to-access location that can then be combined with other elements of the API.

Marketing API

For a more active approach, our Marketing API gives you the ability to keep engaging with your consumer base long after they leave your physical location. It allows you to segment users based on their activity and attributes, then create dynamic and engaging push campaigns that target them based on that data.