101 of the best loyalty programs

More than 90% of companies have some form of loyalty program, and trying to imagine how many loyalty programs are out there would be hard even for the math-loving people who might be reading this.

That’s why we examined hundreds of brands across several countries and gathered for you the 101 best loyalty programs worldwide.


No matter whether you’re here to check if your favourite loyalty program made the list, to know the reasons why we think a program is working - or maybe even to steal some reward ideas (yes, we actually included those!)…


101 of the best loyalty programs.
101 of the best loyalty programs.


Here are 101 of the best loyalty programs in 2023, divided by industry:

Food & Beverage

1. Nando’s

Nando’s Rewards program allows customers to collect ‘chillies’ to earn free rewards. The rewards stack up every visit, and customers have up to one year to redeem them.


The program has a brand new registration flow and an industry-first mobile NFC loyalty card on mobile, designed to be digital-first to enable customers to earn and redeem rewards across all digital touchpoints.


Why it works: Nando’s digital-first and mobile wallet-enabled loyalty program caters to digital-native generations who want an omnichannel and seamless experience.

Nando's loyalty program
Nando's loyalty program.

2. Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger consumers earn a ‘star’ with every item of food or drink, with 10 stars exchangeable for a reward that they have up to 30 days to redeem.


Pret Coffee subscribers will also earn a star for every month they renew their subscription, along with every snack or meal they purchase alongside one of their free drinks per day.


Why it works: Effectively encourages customers to make frequent purchases and also consider subscribing to additional services - which is something quite unique in the F&B category, and part of its success.

Pret a Manger loyalty program.
Pret a Manger loyalty program.

3. Caffè Nero

The Caffè Nero loyalty app can be used to collect stamps for any Barista-prepared drinks. You can link your debit or credit card for speedy payment and earn exclusive rewards along the way.


The loyalty program also lets you order ahead and beat the queues - and when you collect nine stamps, the next handmade drink will be free.


Why it works: Its card-linking technology makes things easier for customers, providing a frictionless experience.

Caffè Nero loyalty program.
Caffè Nero loyalty program.

4. Costa

Costa Club is one of the most popular loyalty programs, offering a highly personalised digital-first coffee club for customers and ‘beans’ instead of points.


The brand offers you more than just one way to earn points, and gives you a slice of cake on your birthday - but more than that, customers using a reusable cup can claim their free coffee after four drinks, instead of the regular eight drinks.


Why it works: It shows consumers that the brand has sustainability in mind and really shares their values.

Costa Coffee Club.
Costa Club loyalty program.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the most inspiring loyalty programs in the world, known for its ability to create excitement, keep the program fresh and meet evolving customer needs and expectations.


It uses gamification and a mobile-first strategy to increase its success among customers, adding to the mix a variety of rewards to suit all types of customers. It also makes it easy for customers to order beverages and earn points, no matter what channel they prefer to use.


Why it works: The Starbucks loyalty program always has innovation in mind - for example, it was among the first brands to venture into the territory of Web3 experiences and NFT rewards.

Starbucks loyalty program.
Starbucks loyalty program.

6. McDonald’s

MyMcDonald’s Rewards is an app-based loyalty program that rewards you for every dollar spent, which you can save on your profile and use to buy select items from the menu.


The fast-food chain already has wildly popular “free to play” customer acquisition-driving promotions, and this tiered loyalty program really encourages clients to spend more in order to get bigger rewards.


Why it works: The loyalty program is part of a wider initiative to become omnichannel and improve customer experience, and this customer-centric approach is the key to achieving brand loyalty.

MyMcDonald’s Rewards
MyMcDonald’s Rewards loyalty program.

7. Subway

Subway has one of the most popular loyalty programs in the world: the sandwich chain rewards you for your purchases through deals and points which can be redeemed in-store and on their app.


The program is easy to join and use, and Subway offers some flexibility in terms of how you can earn and redeem points. For example, you can earn extra points by purchasing specific items or participating in special promotions.


Why it works: The program offers a good variety of rewards and its omnichannel presence means customers can easily join and engage in an efficient way.

Subway loyalty program.
Subway loyalty program.

8. Panera

Panera Bread’s MyPanera is one of the best loyalty campaigns in the restaurant industry, with nearly 48 million members in 2022.


Panera provides you with personalised experiences that increase in value based on multiple variables such as the frequency of visits, spending and your individual purchases and preferences, instead of a points-based system.


Why it works: Users can select their reward from multiple options based on their personal preferences, instead of a single, pre-selected reward.

Panera's loyalty program.
Panera's loyalty program.

9. Burger King

Burger King has different loyalty programs based on the countries in which the brand has a presence, but each and every one of them is well-known and widely used by members. 


For Burger King Switzerland, White Label Loyalty built and deployed an end-to-end reward program utilising its loyalty engine, unique embedded microsite and receipt scanning technology.


Why it works: Users can redeem rewards in exchange for points that can be easily and quickly awarded thanks to the receipt scanning technology.

Burger King loyalty program.
Burger King loyalty program.

10. Chipotle

Chipotle’s loyalty program lets you earn points just for ordering your favourite dishes and cash them out for a variety of rewards.


You earn 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, in the app, or online, and can receive rewards such as birthday surprises, the chance to earn extra points during the year, exclusive badges, and early access to new menu items and merchandise.


Why it works: The wide variety of rewards and extra ways to unlock more points drive members’ engagement further.

Chipotle loyalty program.
Chipotle loyalty program.

11. Domino’s

Domino’s loyalty program allows you to order pizzas via its mobile application or online to earn points redeemable for free menu items. One order worth $10 or more is equivalent to 10 points.


You can sign up for the program online or via your smartphone to start collecting rewards and receiving member-only promotions, discounts, and special opportunities to earn bonus points, effectively leaning into the exclusivity trend within loyalty programs.


Why it works: Digital-first programs make it easier for consumers to come back for more purchases, especially if they know they only need a few more points to receive a complimentary item.

Domino's Loyalty Program
Domino's loyalty program.

12. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme’s loyalty program offers rewards points for each purchase - points can then be redeemed for free products such as doughnuts and beverages at brick-and-mortar Krispy Kreme stores.


You can pay on mobile with virtual gift cards and will earn 5 reward points for every dollar spent. Members receive a free doughnut upon signing up for the app, a free drink and doughnut on their birthday and other surprises throughout the year.


Why it works: Members can upload their credit card information onto the app to provide a quick payment process at select locations.

Krispy Kreme loyalty program.
Krispy Kreme loyalty program.

13. Papa John’s

Papa John’s is one of the most popular loyalty programs out there: you can earn points (Papa Dough) online or at participating stores and can then spend them towards any menu item.


The restaurant gives regular chances to win extra points and exclusive rewards during the year, such as receiving a free product with a $12 purchase or winning a one-of-a-kind gold pepperoncini worth $10,000.


Why it works: Great promotion campaign making use of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency high, promoting the program as the “gold standard of pizza rewards currency” and “crusto-currency”.

Papa John's loyalty program.
Papa John's loyalty program.

14. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons’ loyalty program lets you earn 10 points for every dollar spent and then redeem those points for free food and drink from Tim Hortons, starting at 300 points earned.


You can redeem four different categories of rewards: beverages, baked goods, breakfast, and lunch & dinner. Rewards can be automatically redeemed once you have earned enough points and made a purchase that includes an eligible item.


Why it works: If that still isn’t clear, customers want easy and convenient experiences - so rewards that can be automatically redeemed are a big yes!

Tim Hortons loyalty program.
Tim Hortons loyalty program.

15. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Rewards is a tiered loyalty scheme that lets you earn 10 points for every $1 spent, with rewards starting at just 150 points - meaning you can redeem a reward after spending $15.


You can redeem points for donuts, hash browns, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more, or choose to stack your points and redeem multiple items in a single transaction.


Why it works: The higher tier is reserved for members who visit 12 times in a calendar month, effectively encouraging consumers to shop more at the brand’s stores.

Dunkin Donuts loyalty program
Dunkin' Donuts loyalty program.

16. Lindt

Lindt isn’t just famous for its amazing chocolate: they have a great loyalty program that allows you to enjoy exclusive rewards and offers in Lindt Chocolate Shops and online, a welcome offer of 10% off your next purchase.


Members get exclusive discounts and offers, just for being a part of MyLindt Rewards, and fun surprises like a voucher for a bonus sweet treat for their birthday.


Why it works: Easy to use thanks to its digital member card… and it’s a program that rewards you for buying premium chocolate, what more could customers want?

My Lindt Rewards Offers
Lindt loyalty program.

17. Nespresso

Nespresso’s loyalty program is simple, relevant and based on a win-win approach. It’s also an omnichannel program, so you can interact with Nespresso through any channel you want.


Thanks to three different tiers, you can get rewards such as free delivery, a complimentary descaling kit, private sales, free accessories and even a new machine for the higher tier.


Why it works: Nespresso has a tiered loyalty program that isn’t based on how much members spend but on how much time they’re part of the program, effectively keeping customers from churning.

Nespresso loyalty program.
Nespresso loyalty program.


18. The North Face

The North Face loyalty program offers you access to exclusive gear, limited edition collections and collaboration, plus access to a member-exclusive customer service line.


The recently updated program offers more avenues to earn points than just repeat purchasing, with some key actions that resonate with their younger members, such as receiving points for bringing a reusable bag at purchase or for supporting sustainable fashion.


Why it works: The program includes great features for the more socially active members, such as a referral program and the chance to review and provide feedback on new products before their release.

North Face loyalty program.
North Face loyalty program.

19. Nike

Nike’s membership program is perhaps one of the most known loyalty programs out there, famous because it pretty much acts as a club, where Nike customers and fans can receive exclusive perks.


Benefits of the program include priority access to tickets to sporting events, exclusive products, early access to product launches, special offers on birthdays and free delivery.


Why it works: It’s a well-known fact that exclusivity can make customers more loyal to your brand, and Nike managed to fully harness this by making it one of the key points of its program.

Nike loyalty program.
Nike loyalty program.

20. Levi’s

The Levi's Red Tab Program is a free membership program that allows you to receive a wide array of benefits and rewards and to be kept up to date about your accounts with periodic updates from Levi's.


Benefits of Levi’s program include free shipping, early access to product drops, birthday rewards and invitations to exclusive VIP and promotion events, and free returns.


Why it works: Levi’s will customise the member’s benefits based on purchase history, event attendance, and offers used at checkout - this focus on personalisation is often behind the success of a loyalty program.

Levi's loyalty program.
Levi's loyalty program.

21. Nordstrom

NordStrom’s loyalty program offers company-provided loyalty currency combined with status tiers. The program is split into three tiers, with the lowest tier dedicated to non-cardholder members.


Members receive a range of experiential rewards such as free curbside pickup, free basic alterations, access to private events, double points days, in-home styling, and lifestyle workshops.


Why it works: This tiered loyalty program offers a free tier to allow members to access benefits without a spending requirement, giving customers the chance to experience the loyalty program before deciding to become a fully-fledged member.

Nordstrom loyalty program.
Nordstrom loyalty program.

22. GAP

Gap Good Rewards Program is a loyalty program that combines four different brands (Athleta, Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy) under one scheme, offering perks such as a birthday surprise, members-only perks, digital and live events and fitness classes.


Membership levels are based on the customer’s spending each year with all of the Gap brands. Customers become a Core member when they spend between $0 and $499; Enthusiast for spending between $500 and $999; and Icon for $1,000+ annually.


Why it works: It offers its members the chance to donate their points to five different charitable funds, successfully aligning with younger generations’ values and priorities.

GAP loyalty program.
GAP loyalty program.

23. ASOS

ASOS is another great example of a loyalty program: it uses both a points-based system, where you can earn 5 points for every £1 spent, and a tiers-based system, where you are entered into a tier based on how much you spend.


There are four levels and shoppers earn different rewards depending on the level, including free next-day shipping, 24-hour early access to sales or a reward from a partner.


Why it works: In addition to having a great structure, ASOS gives members non-monetary rewards, attaching a higher perceived value and a sense of exclusivity to benefits like early access to a sale.


ASOS loyalty program
ASOS loyalty program.

24. H&M

H&M’s loyalty program lets you earn points, redeem rewards and rise ranks to become a Plus member, the premium tier of the loyalty program. Members of the H&M loyalty program also have the opportunity to activate the buy now, pay later option.


The tiered program has two tiers based on the number of points earned from purchases made online and at H&M stores. Plus members receive better perks and offers, including free shipping and returns, surprise offers, and special access to limited collections.


Why it works: The program implements a points expiration solution, which could be unpleasant for members but is also a great way to push customers to use their points more quickly.

H&M loyalty program
H&M loyalty program.


25. Zara

Zara’s loyalty program is one of the top loyalty programs out there: you can earn points on every purchase and redeem them for discounts, early access to sales, and personalised offers.


You can also refer friends to join the program, which in turn means you’ll both receive exclusive offers and discounts, member-only deals and early access to sales.


Why it works: Zara’s loyalty program encourages consumers to actively participate, turning them into brand ambassadors to promote conversations with the consumer.

Zara loyalty program.
Zara loyalty program.

26. Mango

Mango Likes You lets you receive +10 Likes, which you can use to get discounts and experiences, for every purchase you make in Mango stores and online.


You will also receive Likes for taking garments to be recycled at any of the brand’s stores, for collecting an online order in a physical store and even for downloading the new App and interacting with the Club from the app.


Why it works: Mango’s loyalty program makes great use of engagement and rewards customers for more than just purchasing items. 

Mango Loyalty Program
Mango loyalty program.

27. OVS

OVSFriends is a point-based loyalty program from OVS, which lets you earn one heart for every euro spent with four tiers. Hearts can be exchanged for a wide selection of rewards including experiences, vouchers or gifts.


Members are encouraged to join the program with a 5€ Welcome voucher and to move up the tiers by receiving increasing benefits.


Why it works: Members are given multiple opportunities to earn more points by completing challenges, bringing in new members, and interacting with the brand.

OVS loyalty program.
OVS loyalty program.

28. Terranova

Terranova is a popular fashion Italian brand with a very simple and focused-on-savings loyalty program.


You can collect 10 points for every euro spent, with various other initiatives during the year to earn even more points, and are also entitled to early bird sales and exclusive promotions.


Why it works: It's a simple yet efficient loyalty currency program, easy to engage with and with a great reward offering that keeps members engaged.

Terranova loyalty program.
Terranova loyalty program.

29. Decathlon

Decathlon Membership gives you access to online services, including free next-day Click&Collect, full product traceability, easy access to workshop services, and tips and advice from experts.


You can easily earn points with purchases of Decathlon products both online and in-store, and can then exchange 250 points for 1 voucher worth £5.


Why it works: All members receive multiple perks automatically when they join and can then earn points and discounts.

Decathlon loyalty program.
Decathlon loyalty program.

30. Anthropologie

Anthropologie’s loyalty program AnthroPerks lets you earn perks such as access to promotions and new products, compelling incentives such as annual free shipping, special discounts and birthday offers.


The program is easy to join and you can also enjoy free treats when purchasing something from the brand.


Why it works: Amazing range of rewards, not only transactional ones - for example, the chance to take part in members-only events.

Anthropologie loyalty program.
Anthropologie loyalty program.

31. Odd Molly

Odd Molly Club offers you a top-tier experience as soon as you log into the brand’s site: all members receive early access to sales and new arrivals, keeping their clothing top of mind throughout the customer purchase process.


You can earn points every time you shop or engage with the brand on social media, and can then redeem those points for exclusive discounts.


Why it works: This tiered program lets higher VIP members receive great exclusive offers, encouraging lower-tier members to “level up”.

Odd Molly loyalty program.
Odd Molly loyalty program.

32. Geox

GEOX’s Benefeet combines four different loyalty design frameworks into one, including points, tiers, member benefits and discounts. As a member, you receive one step-point for every euro spent and double step-points for purchases of children’s shoes.


Your benefits gradually improve as you move up the tiers, beginning with a 10% discount, which increases to 15% in the second tier and becomes instant vouchers at higher levels.


Why it works: GEOX shows customers they care about them, rewarding customers for purchasing more children’s shoes by offering double points for purchase and a 15% discount on members’ children’s birthdays.

Geox loyalty program.
Geox loyalty program.

33. Lululemon

Lululemon Essential is a free-to-join loyalty program which offers a suite of additional benefits and value when shopping at Lululemon. Lululemon Studio is a paid tier of membership and requires an ongoing monthly subscription.


Essential membership provides access to select Studio content: you can join the program and download the app to try out a limited selection of workout classes, with new ones added regularly.


Why it works: Lululemon’s loyalty program has a unique reward offering, particularly experiential rewards, that acts as a very effective retention strategy.

Lululemon loyalty program.
Lululemon loyalty program.

34. Birkenstock

Birkenstock Rewards lets you earn Birkenstock Rewards Dollars every time you shop online or in-store or leave a review and spend those on your next purchases.


You can also get early access and exclusive offers, like a special birthday gift and special tips about product care. Another great feature is the chance to refer a friend and get a monetary reward for both you and your friends.


Why it works: Birkenstock has a very strong loyalty base who feel strongly about it, so offering a formal loyalty program with rewards is the perfect way to solidify these feelings among customers.

Birkenstock loyalty program.
Birkenstock loyalty program.


35. Pets at Home

The Pets at Home loyalty program is a VIP program that gives registered members exclusive offers that non-members don’t receive.


They understand their customers care about their animals and the welfare of other animals, so much so that one of the most appreciated benefits of being a member is the ability to collect points to give back to charities of their choice.


Why it works: Pets at Home’s loyalty program shows they understand their customers and their pets' needs too.

Pets at Home loyalty program
Pets at Home loyalty program.

36. Sainsbury's Nectar

Sainsbury's Nectar is one of the best coalition loyalty programs running for over 20 years, easy to use and with many different rewards.


You can pick your offers before you shop and scan your phone or card at the till to get your bonus points. When shopping online, you can just link your card to your account and shop as usual.


Nectar also has a great gamification example in its app: in Nectar’s scratch cards, you can simply win extra points for your purchases.


Why it works: Nectar has an astounding number of partners, which is what makes it stand out from most other supermarket loyalty programs.

Sainsbury's Nectar loyalty program.
Sainsbury's Nectar loyalty program.

37. Tesco

One of the most popular loyalty programs, Tesco Clubcard gives its holders points based on the amount spent at Tesco or using Tesco services such as Tesco Bank.


Points are accrued at least four times a year, with occasional "surprise mailings", and the users receive vouchers that can be spent in-store or online, or used on Clubcard Rewards where they can be worth three times their face value on selected rewards.


Why it works: Can provide significant rewards if you purchase groceries and other products at Tesco frequently.

Tesco loyalty program.
Tesco loyalty program.

38. Waitrose

MyWaitrose works a little differently from other loyalty programs since there are no points to collect. Users immediately have the chance to get things for free, save money on their shopping and win exclusive prizes.


The myWaitrose card is available as a physical and digital card, allowing you to take part in the supermarket’s loyalty program no matter what you prefer.


Why it works: MyWaitrose first won customers with free coffee every day but they stayed for the special deals on their shopping.

Waitrose loyalty program.
Waitrose loyalty program.

39. Boots

Boots Advantage Card lets you save on hundreds of products through the Price Advantage scheme, which has recently been expanded and allows exclusive access to lower prices on a range of products.


You can buy something in-store, online or via the Boots app and collect points for every £1 you spend. Boots also offers extra points during special events.


Why it works: Boots’ loyalty program is clearly transaction-based, but it’s easy to get rewards fast - and for customers to see value.

Boots loyalty program.
Boots loyalty program.

40. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime made loyalty all about customer convenience, starting with an idea to prepay for “free” and fast shipping, with shoppers paying an annual fee to receive two-day delivery on Prime products for a year.


This perk encouraged customers to return to Amazon and get their money’s worth. It became successful because it addressed shipping costs and gave customers the ability to find products quickly, and Amazon Prime keeps adding more perks.


Why it works: Amazon Prime is a truly customer-first loyalty program, created around users’ necessities.

Amazon Prime loyalty program.
Amazon Prime loyalty program.

41. IKEA

IKEA Family is one of the world’s largest customer clubs, with over 150 million members. It’s open to everyone and free to join, differing from having a regular IKEA account as it provides specific benefits and discounts to those who join.


The IKEA Family card offers several benefits for members even when they’re not spending money. For example, the “Spin to Win” gets customers’ attention and builds anticipation in a fun way.


Why it works: IKEA Family uses gamification to engage customers outside of the buying cycle.

IKEA loyalty program.
IKEA loyalty program.

42. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer’s Sparks is a customer reward scheme that allows you to receive little treats and thank yous and even get a donation to a chosen charity every time you shop.


As a member, you can get personalised offers on the things you love, and lucky customers can receive little gifts every week.


Why it works: Every week, M&S will treat a Sparks customer to the shopping they're buying for free, which is a reward most of the customers would love to get.

Marks and Spencer loyalty program.
Marks and Spencer loyalty program.

43. Tickit by Dubai Holding

Tickit is one of the most popular loyalty programs in the UAE: it allows you to earn points effortlessly through over 1000 participating brands and e-commerce sites without having to present an app or a loyalty card.


White Label Loyalty provided the front end and back end of the loyalty app, allowing users to automatically earn points without having to present the app or scan receipts.


Why it works: Effortless redemption via a virtual payment card that users can add to their mobile wallet and a seamless omnichannel experience.

Tickit - Dubai Holding loyalty program.
Tickit - Dubai Holding loyalty program.

44. Target

Target Circle features a range of benefits if you shop at Target, whether you buy online or at a physical Target location, most notably a 1% back on eligible purchases to redeem at a later date.


You can also enjoy various perks and benefits, from birthday discounts to early access during sales, such as Black Friday sales. Target has also partnered with brands like Apple to provide specific discounts and offers on those products.


Why it works: Wide variety of perks and the chance to focus on charity by allowing members to vote, helping direct Target’s charity to over 800 non-profit organisations.

Target loyalty program.
Target loyalty program.

45. BestBuy

BestBuy’s loyalty program lets you earn reward points for each eligible purchase when using My Best Buy’s credit card. Reward points become usable after vesting, 15 days from purchases made at Best Buy.


The program has three tiers, including a lower-priced option that offers perks like exclusive discounts and access to hot products, and a middle tier that offers members-only prices, free two-day shipping and an extended return policy.


Why it works: Tiers give a sense of exclusivity to members, especially since the top tier includes round-the-clock tech support, up to two years of product protection and 20% off repairs, among other benefits.

BestBuy loyalty program.
BestBuy loyalty program.

46. Macy’s

Macy’s Star Rewards is a free-to-join loyalty club that lets you earn points on qualifying Macy’s purchases and hooks you up with other perks like free birthday gifts and bonus savings events.


The program is divided into four membership tiers based on annual spending, with increasingly good rewards depending on the tiers.


Why it works: It offers exclusivity to its customers at each tier, encouraging members to come back and spend more - tiers based on spend makes sense for a brand like Macy’s.

Macy's loyalty program.
Macy's loyalty program.

47. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s Loyallist program gets you exclusive access to perks like free shipping every day and allows you to earn points on Bloomingdale's purchases, both online and in stores.


Spending $5,000 in net purchases allows you to qualify for the Top of the List, which offers even more rewards such as an unlimited return window on all purchases, early access to sales, and the chance to earn more points per purchase.


Why it works: Several ways to earn points other than simply making a purchase, for example, a few Triple Points Days per calendar year.

Bloomingdale’s loyalty program.
Bloomingdale’s loyalty program.

48. John Lewis

John Lewis’ loyalty program offers personalised discounts, a money-off voucher after the first purchase and special rewards on your My John Lewis anniversary.


As a member, you have free entry into competitions, including the chance to win your wish list worth up to £1,000, and you also get exclusive access to special events such as beauty masterclasses, crafting tutorials and cooking workshops.


Why it works: The program focuses on sustainability, which is really important to younger customers - for example, members can save £5 on beauty and fashion buys when they bring in their beauty empties or old clothes.

John Lewis loyalty program.
John Lewis loyalty program.

49. Costco

Costco’s loyalty program offers three types of memberships: Gold Star, with an annual membership fee of $60, Business Membership, exclusively to buy products for business, personal and resale use, and the Executive Membership, with an annual $120 membership fee.


Every Costco member has access to benefits like discounted contact lenses, travel packages and more, with greater savings on Costco services and select travel packages available to Executive members.


Why it works: Wide variety of rewards, from grocery and gas discounts to travel, auto and insurance discounts - members feel like the annual membership fee is worth it.

Costco loyalty program.
Costco loyalty program.

50. Carrefour

Under Carrefour’s loyalty program, you can earn points for your purchases, with one point awarded for every euro spent, and bonus points on certain products and Carrefour-branded products.


The program is easy to understand and free to join, making it accessible to a wide range of customers, who can then enjoy promotions such as extra cash back or double point days, cashback and discount coupons.


Why it works: Members receive personalised promotions and discounts based on their shopping habits, keeping them engaged with the brand.

Carrefour loyalty program.
Carrefour loyalty program.

51. Westfield

Westfield Club rewards you for shopping and spending at Westfield shopping centres around the world: you can simply register, link your cards, and automatically earn progress rewards.


Points can be earned on qualifying products across all stores, and you can earn 10 points for each purchase of £20 or above.


Why it works: Coalition loyalty programs with several participating stores and cashback rewards are something consumers really appreciate - as well as card linking, which helps create a frictionless experience for users. 

Westfield loyalty program.
Westfield loyalty program.

52. McArthurGlen

McArthurGlen’s Club can be joined via microsite or app: you can scan your QR code each time you shop in participating stores and restaurants to earn 5 points for every €1 spent.


You can then redeem points for reward discounts in participating stores and have access to exclusive offers like seasonal promotions from McArthurGlen’s brands.


Why it works: A loyalty program structured as a club, with a key focus on exclusivity - makes customers feel like they’re really being rewarded.

McArthurGlen loyalty program.
McArthurGlen loyalty program.

53. Lidl

Lidl lets you join its loyalty program simply by downloading the Lidl Plus app, without physical cards or website access. The more money you spend, the more coupons you’ll unlock.


You can also get access to exclusive discounts, the chance to win prizes, and receive offers from Lidl’s partner retailers.


Why it works: Lidl offers several ways, such as their Lidl scratch card, to earn rewards other than just spending money, using gamification elements to entice members to participate in the loyalty program.

Lidl loyalty program.
Lidl loyalty program.

54. Esselunga

Possibly the most famous supermarket brand in Italy, Esselunga’s loyalty cards (aptly named Fìdaty, roughly translated to Trust us) allow you to accumulate points and get discounts on hundreds of items every time you go shopping.


You get immediate discounts every day on hundreds of products, the points get immediately released and can also be used for a discount on your current shopping.


Why it works: Incredibly wide access to a large number of prizes and services, such as cinemas, subway passes and amusement parks, with a catalogue that changes frequently.

Esselunga loyalty program.
Esselunga loyalty program.

55. Bialetti

Bialetti’s Reward Points Program allows members to earn points for actions they take on the site, such as making purchases, submitting reviews, inviting someone to join the program, and subscribing to the newsletter.


The program has three tiers, with rewards going from news and special offers for the lowest tier, to a free “giftbox” for the middle tier to a free shopping bag for every purchase for the highest tier.


Why it works: Point-based systems allow users to get discounts no matter what, but the combo with a tiered loyalty program means users also have regular rewards they can expect.

Bialetti loyalty program.
Bialetti loyalty program.

Beauty & Cosmetics

56. Sephora

Sephora’s VIP program is one of the best loyalty schemes in the world: it allows you to earn points on every purchase and has three tiers with a distinct set of perks and incentives.


Beauty Insider members are given the chance to earn rewards like exclusive in-app offers, event invites, first access to new products and access to exclusive sales during the year.


Why it works: It offers exclusivity to its customers at each tier, giving them a sense of inclusion in the community.

Sephora loyalty program.
Sephora loyalty program.

57. E.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics Beauty Squad offers rewards both for shopping and completing simple tasks, all centred around the brand’s website, communications and social media, incentivising you to engage with their platforms.


Points can be redeemed for discounts off your purchase at elfcosmetics.com, free products, e-gift cards at your favourite retailers, cashback and more.


Why it works: The loyalty program offers members more than just one way to earn points, for example if they interact with the brand on social media, positively impacting the purchase behaviour of future shoppers.

e.l.f. cosmetics loyalty program.
e.l.f. cosmetics loyalty program.

58. Tarte

Tarte Cosmetics runs a rewards program particularly popular among younger generations, tailored to the needs and preferences of their target demographic.


It rewards you with points for purchases, but it also leverages the popularity of social media to incentivise members to share and interact with Tarte Cosmetics.


Why it works: It encourages members to interact, and the brand receives in-depth customer data and valuable feedback.

Tarte loyalty program.
Tarte loyalty program.

59. Superdrug

Superdrug’s loyalty program lets you earn points using your Health & Beautycard: you can earn 1 point for every £1 you spend, with additional extra points offered in-store.


Every 100 points, you earn £1 to spend in-store, simply presenting your card and deciding how many points to spend in multiples of 100. Superdrug also offers regular discounts for their loyalty scheme members, such as 60% discounts on selected products every Friday.


Why it works: Customers can use their points as part-payment, so they don't need to have earned lots of points before they can start seeing the savings.

Superdrug’s loyalty program.
Superdrug’s loyalty program.

60. The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s loyalty program lets you earn points and enjoy exclusive offers and rewards every time you shop online or in-store, and even for using your refill bottles. You receive 10 points for every £1 spent and can get rewards like exclusive coupons and vouchers.


The Body Shop also offers you the option to make a donation to its charity partners and also gives you the chance to win a range of different rewards, such as winning tickets to music festivals.


Why it works: One of the reasons behind this program's success is Body Shop's focus on sustainability and charity - it's part of their branding, so having it part of their loyalty programs is aligned with their customers' values and needs.

The Body Shop loyalty program.
The Body Shop loyalty program.

61. Lancôme

Lancôme Rewards teamed up with several brands such as Gilt, Delsey, AccorHotels and Glamsquad to give back to its audience for every purchase, social post or interaction.


The program has three tiers, each with its own benefits and rewards: from free shipping and a 20% off birthday gift to anniversary gifts and early access to promotions and launches.


Why it works: Lancôme Rewards lets members cash in their points for gifts and experiences from a handful of partners.

Lancôme loyalty program.
Lancôme loyalty program.

62. KIKO

KIKO Kisses is a great example of a beauty loyalty program: it lets you earn points (called Kisses) every time you shop online and in stores, and get discounts and lots of exclusive benefits.


The program has two tiers: Love, which lets you earn +10 Kisses for every £ spent and gives you £5 off as a birthday offer; and Adore, with +15 Kisses for every £ spent and £10 off to celebrate your birthday.


Why it works: Key focus on the community aspect of a loyalty program, personalising the customer experience with discounts on members’ specific favourite products.

KIKO loyalty program.
KIKO loyalty program.

63. Marionnaud

Another great example of luxury loyalty programs, Marionnaud’s tiered program gives you a chance to earn points for every € spent, reaching a higher tier when accumulating 800 and then 2000 points.


Rewards and exclusive offers range from free shipping to early access and get progressively better with tiers, with examples such as beauty treatments in-store and 25% off every purchase.


Why it works: Multi-country loyalty programs, members can earn points in 8 participating countries in Europe, and use their rewards once they get back home.

Marionnaud loyalty program.
Marionnaud loyalty program.

64. Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty’s RevRewards is a tiered program that incentivizes incremental behavioural change in exchange for points, VIP perks, and more.


The VIP tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold, offer increasingly desirable perks to encourage shoppers to “level up”: from free shipping, a birthday gift, and additional points per purchase to early access to new collections and exclusive offers and discounts.


Why it works: The brand reached out to customers via social media to understand what shoppers wanted to see from their program, so the resulting loyalty program is exactly what Revolution Beauty’s demographic is looking for.

Revolution Beauty loyalty program.
Revolution Beauty loyalty program.


65. Waterstones

Waterstones has a simple yet effective loyalty program: you earn 1 stamp for every £10 you spend, and when you collect 10 stamps these are automatically converted into £10.


You can then spend your balance in Waterstones’ shops and have access to special offers such as early or discounted access to events, festivals, and a free prize draw, including big rewards like trips to India, the chance to see live shows and original signed artwork.


Why it works: The key to the success of Waterstones’ loyalty program is its simplicity of rules: they’re both easy to understand and easy to follow.

Waterstones loyalty program.
Waterstones loyalty program.

66. Disney

The Disney Movie Insiders Loyalty program allows you to earn reward points for watching and purchasing tickets for Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios movies.


The points earned can be redeemed for rewards such as Disney gift cards, movie ticket vouchers and discounts. You can also enjoy playing your favourite movie games and Augmented Reality when you download the Disney Movie Insiders app.


Why it works: With Disney's ever-expanding portfolio of brands, this program encourages cross-selling and creates loyalty to the whole Disney universe.

Disney Movie Insiders Loyalty program.
Disney Movie Insiders Loyalty program.

67. Playstation

PlayStation’s loyalty program lets you sign up to earn rewards for completing challenges of various levels of complexity, as a way to engage further in playing games.


PlayStation Stars incorporates points, digital collectables and rewards. You can earn rewards in several ways, for example in monthly campaigns, participating in regular challenges and missions, and simply by owning games.


Why it works: It appeals to gamers who are already loyal to PlayStation, offering extra gamification and earning potential to keep them engaged.

PlayStation’s loyalty program
PlayStation’s loyalty program.

68. Marvel

Marvel’s Marvel Insider program showcases a great focus on engagement and gamification. You can earn points by interacting with Marvel, allowing you to level up in tiers.


You can earn points through social media engagement, reading articles on Marvel’s website, watching Marvel videos, listening to Marvel podcasts, taking surveys, and winning competitions and challenges via the mobile app.


Points can be used to unlock exclusive rewards such as gifts or access to special content. They can also be redeemed on brand-relevant sweepstakes, merchandise, comic books, desktop wallpapers and experiences.


Why it works: Gamification allows Marvel to boost interaction and incentivise specific member behaviours to achieve desired actions and responses.

Marvel Insider program.
Marvel Insider program.

69. Vitality

Vitality’s loyalty program is easy and effective: when you buy a qualifying insurance plan, you can automatically earn points with a linked fitness tracker.


Vitality rewards active members with regular treats and discounts from their partners: these range anywhere from an Amazon Prime 12-month membership to discounts to buy sports accessories from brands like Garmin or Fitbit.


Why it works: As an insurance company, it makes sense to reward customers for improving their health and lifestyle - but it also helps create a stronger bond with the customer in an industry that is notoriously impersonal.

Vitality loyalty program.
Vitality loyalty program.

70. Biscuit

Biscuit’s unique rewards program for pet owners promotes healthy choices for dogs using gamification and points to reward you for completing various activities tailored to your dogs.


White Label Loyalty’s technology allows Biscuit to provide personalised experiences for each user, engaging and rewarding them based on their behaviour. The loyalty API allows Biscuit to use gamification and also provides advanced data insights to track the program’s success.


Why it works: It helps users identify breed-specific exercise requirements and uses gamification to engage and incentivise dog owners.

Biscuit loyalty program.
Biscuit loyalty program.

71. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a free app that allows you to earn digital currency as payment for your movement, encouraging you to get fit and become “healthier and wealthier”.


Sweatcoin partnered with over 600 brands, such as Adidas, Apple, Netflix, Sephora, Amazon and more, to bring a range of redeemable products and gift cards, with the option to redeem PayPal vouchers or even donate to charities.


Why it works: Easy to use, users can connect their Health App to document their steps and then immediately start earning Sweatcoin on each step.

Sweatcoin loyalty program.
Sweatcoin loyalty program.

72. Pampers

Consumers earn points every time they buy Pampers products, including diapers, training pants and wipes. The points can then be redeemed for product coupons, discount codes, personalised gifts, magazine subscriptions, baby toys, charity donations and even prizes.


New members get 100 bonus points for joining and another 50 when they scan their first code, and there’s even a Pampers Rewards Catalog available in the app.


Why it works: Members can easily use their smartphones to scan special codes inside packs of the brand’s products to collect points - simplicity of the user experience is absolutely essential when it comes to FMCG/CPG product loyalty programs.

Pampers loyalty program.
Pampers loyalty program.

73. Virgin Red

Virgin Red allows you to earn Virgin Points on the things you do every day, such as online shopping, booking your train travel, and even paying your energy bills, with more than 150 ways to earn points.


You can then spend these points on anything you want: with more than 200 offers to choose from, from a case of wine, a family day out or a cruise around the Caribbean.


Why it works: Rewards start from as little as 200 points, so there’s something for everyone and users won’t get tired of waiting for a reward that never comes.

Virgin Red loyalty program.
Virgin Red loyalty program.

74. Feltrinelli

Feltrinelli is an Italian publishing company and bookstore famous for its status-driven tier programs: You can purchase memberships, for 5€ or 10€, and can then immediately claim rewards.


The entry tier offers benefits such as a 5% welcome discount and a 5% discount on new publications, while the higher tier offers a 10€ discount coupon for every 200€ spent, free delivery and a birthday present.


Why it works: A great loyalty program without points, in which long-time customers can keep their benefits without having to start all over again once they’ve redeemed their points.

Feltrinelli loyalty program.
Feltrinelli loyalty program.

75. GameStop

GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro provides you with bonus points and exclusive early access to new products, provided you pay a $14.99 yearly fee.


You can then gain benefits like a $5 monthly reward coupon, a $10 welcome bonus, double points, and 2% back for each purchase in rewards points. Higher-tiered members can redeem 1,000 points for $1 in rewards and earn up to $150 in annual value.


Why it works: Members get VIP access to exclusive sales & product drops and enjoy special week-long sales, which is especially key with gamers.

GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro
GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro.

Travel & Hospitality

76. Booking.com

Booking.com is one of the best rewards programs for travel, and a really easy way to book accommodation at participating properties worldwide for a discounted price.


It’s a three-level program, with an entry-level tier that gives you instant access to a 10% discount on your stay. The other two tiers reward a discount of up to 15% and a discount of up to 20% alongside other perks.


Why it works: Unlike other programs, there’s no need to maintain the status, and once users have unlocked a level, they’ll enjoy the benefits for life.

Booking.com loyalty program.
Booking.com loyalty program.

77. JetBlue

Among the best rewards programs for travel, JetBlue Airways allows you to earn points for your flights, which can then be used for a future free flight.


You can earn points from flights, packages, cars & stays, dining and everyday spending with JetBlue’s partners. If you want to pay for something but don’t have enough points, you can pay with a combination of points and cash.


Why it works: Points don’t expire, so members can redeem them for any JetBlue seat, at any time.

JetBlue loyalty program.
JetBlue loyalty program.

78. Hilton

The Hilton Honors rewards program is one of the most known luxury loyalty programs out there: you can earn points in a variety of ways, like when booking stays at Hilton properties and dining out.


You can then redeem points to book experiences, air travel or hotel stays and shop on Amazon, to name a few. Each level of the program’s membership status gives you other benefits, such as free Wi-Fi, rollover nights, room upgrades and guarantees.


Why it works: The program offers several ways to earn points, from hotel stays and ordering food to using the Hilton Honors American Express cards and completing surveys.

Hilton loyalty program.
Hilton loyalty program.

79. Marriott

Marriott has a wide range of hotel properties in its portfolio, spread out across very different price points, but their loyalty program is still very easy to use.


You start out with “Member status”, and then can move up through five distinct Elite tiers, based on how many nights per year you stay at qualifying Marriott properties. The percentage of points you earn for transactions increases, and the benefits you have access to improve.


Why it works: Wide array of rewards, from free hotel stays to the chance of transferring points to partner airlines.

Marriott loyalty program.
Marriott loyalty program.

80. British Airways

One of the best rewards programs for travel out there, British Airways’ Executive Club lets you earn miles (called Avios) via flights, hotel stays, car rentals and many more.


Avios are also flexible when it comes time to redeem with uses including award flights, cabin upgrades, hotel and car rentals. You can also share accounts with family and friends to earn rewards faster.


Why it works: The tiered structure of the loyalty program entices members to spend more to reach a higher status and therefore better benefits - British Airways has been at the forefront of aviation loyalty and has perfected details around notifications, partnerships, and rules.

British Airways loyalty program.
British Airways loyalty program.


81. Flying Blue

Flying Blue is the joint loyalty program of Air France, KLM, Transavia, Aircalin and TAROM: you can earn Miles during your trips with partner airlines or when purchasing services from non-airline partners such as hotel chains or car rental companies.


These Miles can then be exchanged for plane tickets and in-flight services, for free services from other non-airline partners, and even donated to charity. The program includes four levels of membership, each with its own unique benefits.


Why it works: Coalition loyalty programs are a way for members to earn points while shopping at several companies, and for participating brands to see an increase in sales and user data - they’re also very common in the airline industry since it’s unlikely customers only fly with one airline.

Flying Blue loyalty program.
Flying Blue loyalty program.

82. Etihad

Among the best rewards programs for travel, Ethiad lets you earn miles every time you fly with Etihad Airways or one of its 20-plus airline partners. The number of miles earned depends on the distance flown and the fare class.


Miles can be redeemed at more than 300,000 hotels worldwide, donated to charities around the world, redeemed when using Pointspay to make a payment, and even turned into cash to be spent wherever you want.


Why it works: Incredible variety of rewards and ways to earn Miles, thanks to all the partnerships Etihad has.

Etihad loyalty program.
Etihad loyalty program.

83. Accor Hotels

Accor's loyalty program is free to join and offers varied perks based on elite status tier and brand: during eligible Accor stays, you can earn points that can be redeemed for a rebate on future stays or donated to charity.


As you go up in tiers, you’re also entitled to additional benefits like late check-out, welcome drinks and upgrades. You can also transfer their points with 29 airline mileage programs.


Why it works: The tiered structure is a great option for a hotel chain, since it’s really aspirational and higher tiers offer rewards that feel more exclusive and VIP-like… exactly the kind of treatment most hotel customers dream of.

Accor Hotel loyalty program.
Accor Hotel loyalty program.

84. Italo

Italo, one of the main train companies in Italy, has a loyalty program that lets you earn points for your trips, depending on the fare you select and the length of the route.


You can then access exclusive contests and promotions and level up in tiers, reaching even more rewards such as access to the Italo Club Lounges, room upgrades, and free choice of seat.


Members can also earn extra points from added services from an extensive list of existing Italo partners.


Why it works: Italo’s tiered loyalty program, with perks that increase in value depending on rank, effectively encourages customers to choose the company again instead of its many other competitors.

Italo loyalty program.
Italo loyalty program.

85. Easyjet

EasyJet Flight Club is a loyalty program designed to reward regular customers with perks and benefits such as free flight changes, lowest fare and exclusive discounts, that are not available to other passengers.


If you’re a member of the Flight Club loyalty program, you can earn bonus points on certain flights, which can be redeemed for future flights, and can also receive special offers and discounts throughout the year.


Why it works: Great range of benefits such as dedicated customer service, which really helps keep customers satisfied and happy.

Easyjet loyalty program.
Easyjet loyalty program.

86. Expedia

One of the best rewards programs for travel, Expedia Rewards lets you save around $35 per hotel or flight booking through points earned. The three-tier program allows you to earn more perks and rewards depending on how often you travel.


The lower tier has perks such as an extra 10% off hotels, while the higher tiers have benefits such as free breakfast and spa credits and free room upgrades.


Why it works: The tiered loyalty program gives a good enough incentive to book all travel through Expedia - especially considering that price is the most important driving factor when choosing a travel booking provider.

Expedia loyalty program.
Expedia loyalty program.


87. Bilt Rewards

Bilt Rewards is a loyalty program fairly unique in itself: it lets you earn points for paying rent, which is something not a lot of loyalty programs can say.


You can earn 250 points per on-time rent payment at Bilt Alliance properties, for up to 3,000 points per year. Alternatively, you can earn 1 point per dollar spent on rent at any home (up to 100,000 points per year).


Rewards include rent, future home down payment, points transferred to travel partners, fitness classes and home decor.


Why it works: Bilt Rewards encourage desired behaviours (paying rent on time) whilst offering a wide range of rewards that users would actually want.

Bilt Rewards loyalty program.
Bilt Rewards loyalty program.


88. American Express

American Express offers a credit card rewards program with a flexible point currency called Membership Rewards points. Most American Express cards also offer a welcome bonus after meeting minimum spending requirements on a new card.


Membership Rewards points can also be earned by referring friends to American Express cards, by shopping online and through targeted spending offers. Points can be redeemed for things like travel, airlines and hotels, gift cards, statement credits, shopping and even donations to charity.


Why it works: It allows members to save on their everyday transactions and gives them a reason to pick American Express instead of its competitors.

American Express loyalty program.
American Express loyalty program.

89. Citi

Citi Rewards is a flexible credit card loyalty program affiliated with the bank’s three main credit cards. Redemption options vary depending on what specific Citi card you have.


Through these products, you can earn points that can be converted into airline frequent flyer points, used to pay off purchases made with the card or to shop with points.


Why it works: Citi Rewards’ points are flexible and versatile, especially if you have specific redemptions in mind.

Citi loyalty program.
Citi loyalty program.

90. Wesleyan

Wesleyan, one of the oldest financial services companies in the UK, has a loyalty program focused on engagement and retention. You can then use your points to receive cashback and buy digital gift cards at popular retailers.


White Label Loyalty created two solutions for the brand: Wesleyan Wallet cashback mobile app, which allows you to earn cashback via card-linking and affiliate links, and Wesleyan Rewards, which caters towards their most loyal members offering one exclusive reward every 12 months.


Why it works: High-value clients are rewarded for their loyalty, effectively increasing overall customer retention.

Wesleyan loyalty program.
Wesleyan loyalty program.

91. BNL

BNL X you is a loyalty program of the Italian bank BNL that rewards you with PAYBACK points and benefits such as free products and gift cards, selected from the best brands in partnership with BNL.


You can receive points by paying with BNL’s credit cards, both online and in-store. There’s even a dedicated store within the website where you can find gift cards and lots of other products you can buy with earned points.


Why it works: Loyalty programs in the financial sector give members a reason to choose your services instead of your competitors’ - the great range of rewards that BNL offers is one of the key reasons behind this loyalty program’s success.

BNL loyalty program.
BNL loyalty program.

92. Barclays

The UK bank Barclays has a subscription-based loyalty program that focuses on cashback offers, allowing you to earn money back on a variety of services, including debit payments, insurance, mortgages, loans, and life insurance.


The membership fee costs £4 and requires at least £800 to be paid into the member’s account every month. It also offers exclusive opportunities such as Blue Rewards Saver, a dedicated account which increases the interest rate on customers’ savings accounts.


Why it works: A membership-only loyalty program isn’t going to resonate with every customer, but it does increase the engagement rate among those who do sign up. 

Barclays loyalty program.
Barclays loyalty program.

93. Bank of America

Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards gives cashback rewards to customers when they use their debit or credit card to make purchases at partner national retailers, restaurants, and other companies.


The tiered program is based on how much you spend on average and it rewards eligible customers with benefits including increased interest rates on deposit accounts, credit card rewards multipliers and reduced fees across several services.


Why it works: The program gives members the flexibility to use their rewards where they want to.

Bank of America loyalty program.
Bank of America loyalty program.

Automotive & Petrol

94. Shell

Shell GO+ makes you earn rewards every time you visit, and users can enjoy personalised rewards with instant notifications.


You can enjoy up to 30.65% savings on Shell fuels and can get 10% off all hot drinks and deli by Shell food ranges. You also get money off fuel every 10 visits, and plenty of treats and surprises along the way.


Why it works: Shell’s loyalty program emerges from other competitors’ offers thanks to its great range of rewards.

Shell loyalty program.
Shell loyalty program.

95. Circle K

Circle K, a convenience store and gas station chain, has a free membership program called the Inner Circle that allows you to save on fuel and merchandise. There are initial sign-up perks and surprise discounts monthly, in addition to other exclusive member perks.


The tier-based offer enables you to receive new benefits and upgrades as you shop more at Circle K, such as saving 5 cents per gallon of fuel, free small to extra-large beverage boosts, access to special offers and early notice of new products.


Why it works: Circle K has nailed the value offering to its customers' needs - offering extra savings on the most common products rather than pushing their own agenda.

Circle K loyalty program.
Circle K loyalty program.

96. Tesla

Tesla’s loyalty program is designed around points, called “earnings”, that can be earned on Tesla purchases (vehicles, solar, accessories, maintenance, supercharging) and via a tactical referral campaign that Tesla offers.


Credits can be redeemed for various Tesla products and services, including supercharging, maintenance, accessories, and even the purchase of a new Tesla vehicle.


Why it works: Tesla also offers a referral program that gives customers the opportunity to earn credits for referring new customers to the company.

Tesla loyalty program.
Tesla loyalty program.

97. Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s BONEO program gamified the brand’s app to encourage regular interaction, providing you with a unique, digital car avatar (uniquely named Carvatar!) during onboarding.


You can engage in challenges and interact with others to upgrade your avatars, and just by driving your car, you can get free car cleaning, hot and cold drinks, VIP tickets to events and a free use of an elite Porsche car.


Why it works: Makes use of gamification, using challenges and loot boxes drop with experience points, award points, and cool items, to keep members interacting.

Volkswagen loyalty program.
Volkswagen loyalty program.

98. BMW

BMW’s Inside Edge is a reward-only perks program, where members have access to all the available benefits without having to earn points. Car owners can enrol into the program by simply providing their licence plate number, and this extra seamless enrolment process undoubtedly helps with BMW’s acquisition efforts.


You can then receive two types of rewards: claimable gifts, like movie experiences, and prize draws. BMW uses partner rewards that aren’t tied to cars, like free coffees, catering to a wider audience.


Why it works: A reward-only perks program can feel very inclusive and provide instant reward experiences to all members, especially since often automotive customers don’t have the chance to earn points doing simple actions something.

BMW loyalty program.
BMW loyalty program.

99. Nissan

Nissan's loyalty program lets you earn points for spending money on vehicles, parts and services. Buying a vehicle, for example, provides a $250 discount for the next vehicle purchase.


You can earn points from servicing your vehicles to online shopping and points can then be redeemed for services of your choice like oil changes and tire rotations. You also get access to special offers and save on service and new vehicle purchases.


Why it works: Members can earn rewards for something they would’ve done already, like taking care of their vehicle and can apply their rewards at their dealership of choice.

Nissan loyalty program.
Nissan loyalty program.

100. Ford

Ford has an app-based loyalty program to reward loyal drivers in multiple ways: you can earn points by spending money at Ford, and can then redeem them for discounts at participating dealerships.


Drivers can request 24/7 roadside assistance, members receive early access to new events and can unlock rewards such as flexible complimentary maintenance. The extra perks are in line with the brand’s promise of a good experience driving their car and foster emotional loyalty through early access and VIP treatment.


Why it works: Members can earn points for a variety of purchases thanks to the brand’s various partnerships.

Ford loyalty program.
Ford loyalty program.

101. BP

Working via both the BPme app and a physical loyalty card, BPme Rewards, the popular petrol station loyalty program in the US, offers you the option to collect and spend your points on little treats and big rewards at gas stations.


You can earn points on both your fuel and shop purchases, including M&S products, and double points on BP Ultimate fuels with Active technology.


Why it works: No minimum spend and instant 5¢ savings on every gallon, every time you fuel up - letting members save on a necessity such as fuel.

BP loyalty program.
BP loyalty program.

Key takeaways


1. Offer a rich reward catalogue

A wide variety of incentives and rewards can help brands reach a broader audience: consider partnering up and tailoring the reward offering to the customer’s liking.


2. Know your customers

Customers aren’t interested in loyalty programs that don’t add value to their lives consistently, even after key transactions are made. It’s important to know what works for your industry, product type, customer segments, etc. 


If you want real loyalty, you need to offer something that’s truly worth it in return - make sure your rewards are achievable, as this contributes to the perceived value.


3. Become omnichannel

Customers expect customer service and a digital-first experience on all channels, so your loyalty program should do the same. 


Think about the experience of your customers - are they coming to your stores, are they interacting with you on social media, are they buying from your website or from a wholesaler? All of these factors should be considered when designing your program and you must find technology to allow you to create an omnichannel experience.


4. Reward non-transaction activities

Rewarding non-transaction activities, such as referrals, social media engagement or adding more information to their profile, helps brands keep buyers close between two purchases. This is especially true for certain industries, such as automotive, facing low purchase frequency and the consequent lack of touchpoints with customers. 


Make sure members can earn points from actions beyond making purchases, including taking surveys, rating products, or interacting with your social channels.


5. Engagement vs. churn

It's not enough to have fixed rules of earn and burn - you must excite and engage your loyal members in order to prevent them from churning. This can be running time-limited campaigns, introducing new rewards or ways to earn, updating the experience, UI and much more.


6. Tiered loyalty programs

If you’ve read through this list, you might have noticed that tiered loyalty programs are still popular. The 30 tiered-loyalty programs listed here prove that tiered loyalty works!


7. Gamification

Introduce gamification elements based on achievements, tiers, points and rewards to engage your consumers and encourage them to collaborate, share knowledge, and interact actively, fostering a sense of motivation and enjoyment.


8. Decide which levers to pull

Not all loyalty programs are created equal! They should always serve a purpose: driving frequency of purchase, upsell, cross-sell, engagement and many more. If you’re wondering what loyalty strategy is best for your business, you can check out our dedicated guide.


9. Make loyalty a core part of your marketing strategy

It’s clear that brands running successful loyalty programs don't just run it alongside their regular marketing activities but they make it a core part of their activities - every campaign can be lifted using the loyalty program, which will further help both engagement and acquisition for the program.


10. Align your rewards with the values of your brand & customers 

Do your customers care about community? Create one as part of your loyalty program, just like Nike did. Is sustainability a big part of your branding? Make sure you reward sustainable choices. Keep your customers’ values always in mind.


11. Free vs. paid

You might have also noticed that the majority of the loyalty programs in this list are free. Unless you're very certain about your business case for a paid-for or membership-style loyalty program, it seems consumers are not as driven by them for loyalty as they are keen to be part of regular loyalty programs.

Ideas you can steal

  • Birthday rewards are excellent surprises & freebies ensure that customers will pay a visit to your store or interact with your brand.
  • NFTs are one of the few options you have to go beyond the usual rewards, and they’re still going strong.
  • Industry-specific benefits, like roadside assistance for automotive brands or reducing loans or mortgages for financial brands, are highly appreciated by customers.
  • Exclusive access and VIP experiences create a sense of exclusivity, such as behind-the-scenes tours or early access to new releases.
  • Charity rewards, such as allowing a customer to donate their points to a charity of their choice, are a great way to cater to younger audiences, who are generally more interested in a brand’s values.
  • Partnership rewards: offer special discounts on selected brands, and partner with a business to offer gift cards, free memberships, and coupons.
  • Consider money-can’t-buy rewards such as one-of-a-kind products or brand experiences (red carpet events, etc.)
  • Improve perks as tiers go up to make sure your customers see a good enough reason to stick with your brand and do their best to rise up in the ranks.


If you got to the end of this incredibly long list… congrats! We hope you found some helpful inspiration and some insights on how you can build a successful loyalty program.


If a loyalty program sounds like a great solution for your business but you don't know where to start, you can get in touch with our specialists here.

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