Card Linking Technology: A Loyalty Program's Best Friend

Card Linking Technology: A Loyalty Program's Best Friend


Thanks to its ease of use and the increased need for convenience, card linking technology is becoming a crucial component for a loyalty solution. This article will explain how card linking works and state the reasons why you should add it to your loyalty offering. If there any terms that you don’t recognise here, take a look at our loyalty tech terms blog post for more information. 



What is card linking and who is it for? 

Card linking technology is a way for consumers to link their payment card to a merchant's loyalty program. 

As a customer how many times have you been asked to provide a loyalty card meaning that you lose valuable points? Card linking is the solution to bypass this frustrating stumbling block for your customers. 

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the use of payment cards in place of cash furthering the already substantial number of people who use a credit or debit card for paying. This provides the ability to link your payment card with a loyalty program instead of needing a separate loyalty card, code or coupon at checkout. This is a no-brainer for both companies and customers. This ease of use is a crucial component for why card linking is so important and creates a better shopping experience for the customer.

Card linking provides a seamless experience for the customer. This leads to the removal of any potential barrier for the customer to be engaging with a loyalty program. This ease of use increases trust with a customer which is one of the key components of relationship marketing.


How does card linking work? 

Card linking is basically the way in which you can transform your bank card into a loyalty card. At White Label Loyalty, our system integrates directly with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. This means it’s already compatible with your existing payment terminals. In terms of ease of use, all you need is your merchant identification number (MID). Then, you just combine customer payment with your loyalty card app. At White Label Loyalty, our card linking system works with mobile payment apps, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, in order to create maximum convenience. This further increases the validity and usefulness of card linking.


What can card linking do for your business? 

Reward card apps are about providing benefits to your loyal customers. This is even easier with card linking. At White Label Loyalty, our system is used to power a variety of loyalty solutions. This includes rewarding customers with points, gifts, personalised offers or sending cash back directly into their accounts.

Security is another key component of card linking and is crucial when working with payment cards. This is because the ability to work when a network is offline increases its resilience furthermore. 

Importantly, card linking provides valuable transaction data that's captured when a customer uses their normal payment card. This data collected includes payment methods, transaction times and locations. As a result, it helps companies to understand exactly how customers are interacting with it. What's more, it allows for personalised marketing, which in turn increases ROI (return on investment). 


Next steps

We hope that this article provides a clear insight on card linking and reflects why it's an important investment. If you want to learn anymore about our card linking data capturing solution, read here. Moreover, if you already feel that you have been inspired by this article and want to find out more how to integrate a card linking technology as part of your loyalty solution, get in touch here. However, if you feel like card linking is not the perfect fit for your business, receipt scanning might be the solution for you. Find out more about that here.



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