7 Inspiring Multi-Tenanted Loyalty Program Examples

Multi-tenanted loyalty is a unique concept in which multiple companies join a partnership and offer a joint loyalty program.

Members of a multi-tenanted loyalty program earn points by shopping at each participating merchant: once they’ve accumulated enough points for a reward, they can redeem their points at any of the participating companies.


For some brands, this loyalty concept can be extremely effective, but not for others. 


For example, a startup business with a small budget might find it difficult to find the right solution due to financing needed, whereas international conglomerates with multiple businesses usually have an easier time.


While it might be difficult, the benefits of multi-tenanted loyalty programs are huge: brands can leverage on partnerships, using the brand power of their partners, and greatly increase engagement if they have a low frequency of purchase.


The right loyalty infrastructure lets a large number of different sites easily sign up to a single loyalty platform, while an admin can view the overall performance and manage the data and marketing.


That’s exactly what our solution does!


Now let’s see some of the most successful examples of multi-tenanted loyalty programs.

Darna Rewards

One of the most interesting multi-tenanted loyalty programs is Darna Rewards, a loyalty program in the UAE region that allows customers to earn points and redeem a wide range of benefits in a network of dining, gym & spa, theme parks and retail establishments.


This multi-tenanted solution has a tiered structure, with three tiers and a total of 200 benefits. It also uses card-linking technology to track purchases.


It’s no secret that customers want a truly frictionless experience, and with the right technology, you can make things easier for your customers (and yourselves!) by turning their payment cards into loyalty cards.


Our card-linking system integrates directly with all major card networks, meaning it’s already compatible with your existing payment terminals.

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Darna Rewards.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Darna Rewards.

Hilton Honors

We’ve already talked about this multi-tenanted loyalty program in our 101 of the best loyalty program blog post, but Hilton Honors is most definitely one of the most known luxury loyalty programs out there.


Members can earn points in a variety of ways, like when booking stays at Hilton properties and dining out, and can then redeem those points to book experiences, air travel or hotel stays and shop on Amazon.


The multi-tenanted loyalty program is based on the company’s partnership with other resorts, which increases the number of participating locations from 584 to 5,900.


It’s another tiered loyalty program, which just proves what we’ve been saying recently: this type of loyalty scheme is still super popular, and it’s an amazing way to attract new customers but also cultivate lasting relationships with existing ones.


If you want to learn more about tiered loyalty programs, we’ve got a free guide for you!

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Hilton Honors.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Hilton Honors.


PAYBACK is one of the largest rewards programs in Europe, and it features partnerships with several brands such as supermarkets, online retailers, and financial institutions.


Its members can easily accumulate points across various categories and exchange them for various rewards, including merchandise and travel vouchers.


This successful multi-tenanted loyalty program includes over 600 online partners and 35 retail brands within just Germany.


PAYBACK delivers promotions tailored to its customers’ interests and offers an omnichannel loyalty experience using just the customer’s mobile number and loyalty card number.


Personalisation has been another really big trend for the past few years, and it’s easily achievable with the right technology: easy-to-read data is the best resource for every successful loyalty program.

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: PAYBACK.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: PAYBACK.

Air Miles ME

Air Miles is another multi-tenanted loyalty program that has an incredible membership exceeding one million and an extensive list of partners, such as Booking.com, Damas and Careem.


Members can earn and redeem Air Miles with partner brands both in-store and online, using both the program’s website and mobile app for a truly omnichannel strategy that keeps customer engagement high.


Air Miles ME, just like many other multi-tenanted loyalty programs in the travel industry, shows that this kind of loyalty program presents a chance to create new connections and collaborations across diverse sectors, amplifying the reach of rewards.

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Air Miles ME.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Air Miles ME.


Another multi-tenanted loyalty program that made it to our 101 list is Nectar, an incredible program that has been running for over 20 years, easy to use and with many different rewards.


The company currently has 16 core members, including eBay, Sainsbury’s and DHL Express, as well as British Airways. Nectar points can also be collected by purchasing from several online retailers.


It has an astounding number of partners, which is what makes it stand out from most other supermarket loyalty programs.


Brands included in this multi-tenanted loyalty scheme can offer bonus points for the purchase of certain products, and points can then be used on cashback offers and coupons.


Instant cashback is a clever solution, when it comes to every kind of loyalty, especially for those brands operating in a space with low loyalty due to high competition and low differentiation.

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Nectar.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Nectar.


Westfield Club rewards members for shopping and spending at Westfield shopping centres in several countries: members can simply register, link their cards, and automatically earn progress rewards.


Members of this multi-tenanted loyalty scheme can also enjoy exclusive offers in their favourite boutiques and restaurants. This sense of exclusivity can really help brands with customer satisfaction.


They also get free live and online VIP events all year: exclusive access and VIP experiences can contribute to customer retention and are a great way to offer non-monetary rewards.

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Westfield.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Westfield.

Majid Al Futtaim Share Program

Share is another multi-tenanted reward program based in the UAE, with a retail channel of 2,300 outlets, 16 shopping malls and 11 hotels.


Members can use points for cashback, exclusive discounts, experiences and entertainment services, and the loyalty scheme also runs frequent social contests and campaigns, effectively using social engagement to build brand loyalty.


The app uses receipt scanning technology to track purchases: with the right technology, you can extract any piece of data from a printed or digital receipt, no matter how big or small.

Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Majid Al Futtaim Share Program.
Multi-tenanted loyalty program examples: Majid Al Futtaim Share Program.


While multi-tenanted loyalty isn’t a solution for everyone, some brands can definitely use this concept to develop amazingly successful loyalty programs.


If you want to know even more about this solution and if it would work for your business, you can check out our Wotzon Rewards case study or get in touch with one of our experts!

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