Loyalty Programmes are Essential for Retailers

A recent study showed that a large proportion of consumers (94% to be exact) would use a mobile wallet more often if they could earn loyalty points with each transaction.

Consumers also stated, in another study, that they see loyalty schemes as a ‘must-have’ for any restaurant or retail outlet.

The ugly truth is… 75% of loyalty programmes fail due to lost or forgotten cards.


Meet the solution

Introducing, White Label Loyalty, a mobile loyalty app that can be built bespoke to your businesses specific needs and requirement. With available tools to drive engagement and retain those ever important loyal customers, whilst also providing data-driven analytics illustrating the relationship between business and consumer.

“White Label Loyalty offers unique digital loyalty solutions for medium to large businesses wanting to create their very own branded digital loyalty app & integrated solution,” says Founder and CEO Achille Traore.

“The platform is now being implemented worldwide for Hospitality/Leisure, Food & Drink & Retail industries. Providing not only tailored digital loyalty, but also a powerful engagement & retention engine that has been tested and proven to increase customer retention by 15% or more.”


Turn bank cards into loyalty cards

White Label Loyalty has recently introduced card-linked loyalty, which allows consumers to turn any bank card to a loyalty card and collect points automatically at the point of purchase. Not only does this present a completely frictionless user journey for the customers but it also allows the business to collect transactional data without having to integrate with ePOS which we all know is a pain.

“Ultimately, traditional loyalty programmes are broken as physical loyalty cards are lost or forgotten and as result offer very little relevant data. As the loyalty mechanism is broken, businesses end up spending more money on customer acquisition and advertising rather than fixing the problem” Traore said.


Branded and tailored digital loyalty program

“We provide businesses with the right tools to identify, retain and reward loyal customers which in turn results in increased profit and customer retention. We do this by making the process frictionless and seamless for consumers whilst providing an affordable, digital loyalty platform that allows retailers of any size to run their own branded and tailored loyalty program.”


So why should you choose White Label Loyalty?

“Our wealth of digital experience and expertise provide a one of a kind consultancy, ongoing support and most of all, success!,” says Traore.

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Rachel Nobel

Rachel Nobel

Head of Marketing and Social Media

Rachel was the Head of Marketing and Social Media at White Label Loyalty and kept our blog up to date with all the latest industry insights.

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