5 reasons why a loyalty program is NOT the right choice for your business


Loyalty programs are a powerful tool…but they’re not suited to everyone. 

If any of the following concerns resonate with you, let's address them head-on.

Here are the top reasons why a business should NOT invest in a loyalty program:


1 - They're too expensive 💰

Let’s be honest - loyalty programs are an investment. If you want to launch the full works - like a custom app, with built-in features like gamification - it is going to cost you. 

But financial constraints shouldn’t be a roadblock. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, there are cost-effective alternatives - such as a loyalty API, or an instant cashback solution

Quality solutions don’t have to break the bank - there are plenty of options that align with various budgets. 

Either way, you will need some budget to invest in a powerful and successful solution. 

Remember, nothing worth having comes for free! 


2 - You don't have any customers (yet) 👤

This one is tricky. One of the key reasons people come to us is because they want to grow their customer base. And that’s one of the things that loyalty programs do so well - increase customer acquisition. 

However, loyalty and rewards programs also lean firmly on engaging and retaining existing customers. 

So, if you want to launch a loyalty program that incentivises customers, you need a solid number of users. 

If you’re focusing on acquisition only, you might want to check out other options like brand activation campaigns.


3 - You don't like adopting new technologies 👨‍💻

We get it - the number of tech platforms you’re probably using in your job today is enough to make you eye-roll. Adding another to the mix is not what you need.

Soon you'll need a Masters in Corporate Tech Lingo

But the truth is, if you want to keep up with changing consumer trends, you’re going to need to invest in the best tech

Lucky for you, we take the complicated tech talk out of the equation. We just want you to build a deeper relationship with your customers - without drowning in technology. 


4 - Low engagement, low retention, and low acquisition are enough for you 📉

If you’re not interested in growing customer engagement, retention, and acquisition, then you probably don’t need a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are for businesses that are ready for expansion. 

All of our amazing clients have seen great growth, but not everyone is ready to see serious results, and that’s perfectly acceptable.  It’s fine to wait until you’re ready. Hopefully, our paths will cross again.


5 - You want a solution that works on its own 🪄

Despite the age of AI, loyalty programs don't create themselves (yet). There is a level of work that goes into designing, launching, and maintaining your loyalty program. 

But don’t worry, most of the annoying bits are automated. And you’ll always have our wonderful team by your side, cheering you on. 

If you want a truly successful loyalty program, you are going to need to define your objectives, create your rules, monitor results, and potentially adjust your strategy as time goes on. 

Thankfully, our AI module does most of the boring, time-consuming work for you - like analysing your loyalty program’s performance and finding insights. It can also help you predict churn, calculate the most cost-efficient routes for customer retention, and find hidden gems in your data

Wondering how to choose the right tech provider?


Loyalty programs are like cups of coffee for businesses - some see them as crucial for results, but for others, it's just not their cup of tea.


If your business doesn’t have the budget, it’s not going to work. Those cool, customised apps with all the engaging and rewarding features? Big projects like this will be more expensive…but don’t worry, cheaper solutions exist.


If your customer list is really small, loyalty programs might not help. These things thrive on keeping the party going with your existing crowd.


And nobody likes drowning in tech. If you’re juggling lots of platforms, adding another one might push you over the edge. Don’t worry though, we’ll hold your hand through the tech maze. 


If low engagement, retention and acquisition are enough for you, then why bother doing anything? Some of us are fine cruising at 60 in the slow lane. We’ll save you a seat for when you’re ready to grow. 


And if you are seeking a magic solution that you can set and forget, rewards programs are not the answer. Loyalty programs are magic, but they don’t work on their own. They need a master puppeteer, making the big decisions and keeping things running smoothly. 


So there you have it. If any of these reasons have you nodding, then maybe a loyalty program isn't the right choice for you. 


But if not, let’s have a chat. We’re just a click away, waiting to grow your business with you…

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