The 5 desires driving customer behaviour and loyalty

There’s one thing that all businesses need to remember:

Your customers aren’t just buying your product or service. 


They’re trying to accomplish a specific goal or fulfil certain needs. 


Let’s explore the different desires behind customer behaviours, so you can increase loyalty and retention in your business.


Desire 1: to feel secure and important

Your customers crave more than just a transaction - they want to feel like a valued part of your brand. They’re seeking a sense of belonging. 

When and how? Whether it’s during the checkout process, a chat with customer support, or any interaction, really. 

Biggest customer paint points: inconsistent experiences, lack of personalisation, and that unsettling feeling of being overlooked.


What to do: Implement personalised customer experiences through data-driven insights. Utilise customer data to tailor interactions like product recommendations, or even go an extra step and acknowledge milestones (birthdays, anniversaries) to enhance emotional connection


Desire 2: to be efficient and not waste time

Nobody has time for unnecessary hassle these days. Your customers are looking for a smooth ride - from purchase to post-purchase - with minimal effort. You must ensure the customer journey is as seamless as possible. 

When and how? From setting up an account to resolving an issue, efficiency is important at every stage of the customer journey. 

Biggest customer pain points: time-consuming and complex account setups, chasing customer services. 


What to do: Streamline, streamline, streamline! Make your user experience frictionless. Simplify registrations, offer one-click reorder options, and provide quick and painless customer service. 

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Desire 3: to get real value

When your customers buy your product or service, they’re really buying the value and benefits it offers. They want to see real advantages from your offerings.

When and how? From the quality of your product and services, to your loyalty program perks. 

Biggest customer paint points: frustration over unclear loyalty program benefits, rewards that feel irrelevant, and hurdles in redeeming them.


What to do: Highlight your value proposition and loyalty benefits loud and clear. Give easy access to great rewards, discounts and exclusive perks.


Desire 4: to be heard and acknowledged

Customers today want to know that their voices matter. Don’t just listen to them - take their feedback and act on it. 


When and how? It’s crucial to listen to your customers across various touchpoints, such as surveys, social media, and direct feedback channels. 

Biggest customer paint points: feeling ignored or dismissed, automated responses that lack a personal touch. 


What to do: Create channels for customer feedback and actively engage with it. Personalised responses show genuine interest and empathy. Always acknowledge customer feedback, whether it’s a compliment or a complaint, and use it to improve your offerings.


Desire 5: to be part of something bigger

Younger consumers, like Gen Z, often seek brands that align with their values and contribute to a greater cause. They want to be part of something meaningful.

When and how? Showcase your brand’s social and environmental initiatives, and engage in responsible business practices. 


Biggest customer paint points: Brands that appear apathetic to societal or environmental concerns. 


What to do: Highlight your commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Communicate your efforts to support causes and make a positive impact. Consider donating a portion of profits to a charitable cause, or rewarding customers who take eco-friendly actions.


In the world of business, understanding and catering to the desires behind customer behaviours is the key to increasing loyalty and retention. Customers aren’t merely looking for a transaction; they are on a quest to satisfy a range of emotional and practical needs. 

Remember, to build lasting customer relationships, prioritise these desires:

  1. To feel secure and important: personalise interactions and acknowledge milestones to create a sense of belonging.
  2. To be efficient and not waste time: streamline the customer journey with frictionless experiences and quick support.
  3. To get real value: clearly communicate your value proposition and make loyalty benefits easily accessible.
  4. To be heard and acknowledged: actively engage with customer feedback and provide personalised responses.
  5. To be part of a larger purpose: align with social and environmental causes and engage customers in meaningful initiatives. 

By addressing these desires, businesses can create a holistic customer experience that creates loyalty and retention. Remember, it’s not just about selling your product or services, it’s about fulfilling the deeper needs and desires of your customers.  

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