Rewards programs of 2022: which brands invested in loyalty this year?

2022 has been a big year for loyalty. Brands from all industries have been investing their time, energy, and money into loyalty programs.

Why? Because they know that customers stick around when they’re treated well. And by "treated well," we mean "given rewards."


Let’s take a look at the biggest launches and revamps in rewards programs over the past 12 months…

1) MyMcDonald's Rewards - launched in July 2022

MyMcDonalds Rewards Loyalty Program
MyMcDonald's loyalty program in the UK

McDonald’s launched their loyalty program across the UK earlier this year. MyMcDonald’s rewards gives customers 100 points for every £1 they spend. Customers can redeem points for iconic menu items. Or, convert points to cash donations for partner charities.

According to CEO Chris Kempcziski, Mcdonald's loyalty investments are already paying off: “loyalty is the single biggest driver of digital adoption and MyMcDonald’s Rewards has exceeded expectations in terms of enrolment and participation”. 


2) Starbucks - ongoing investment in loyalty

Starbucks loyalty program
Starbucks loyalty program

You won’t be surprised to see this one make the list! Starbuck’s Rewards is one of the most successful examples of a loyalty program. Customers collect ‘stars’ based on how much they spend, reaching different tiered levels to unlock more rewards.

Over half of Starbucks’ customer base is signed up to the rewards program. According to CEO Howard Schultz, loyal Starbucks Rewards members “drove a record 53% of revenue”. 

After first launching its Starbucks Card rewards program back in 2008, the coffee chain has continued to invest in its loyalty strategy. In September 2022, Starbucks announced plans for a “Starbucks Odyssey experience”, which will offer members an opportunity to earn digital collectibles {NFTs} that will unlock access to “new, immersive coffee experiences”.

 3) Ikea - ongoing investment in loyalty 

Ikea Family loyalty program
Ikea Family Loyalty program

In September of this year, Ikea announced additional benefits to the free rewards program. Ikea Family now gives customers a 5% discount on selected in-store purchases, as well as access to exciting rewards such as exclusive sales and free workshops. 

The Ikea Family scheme builds relationships with customers by giving something back: “we reward members that spend money with us, but we value the ones that spend their time with us as highly”. 

In other words, Ikea doesn’t just reward customers who make transactions. Anyone who shares feedback and personal data can receive personalised rewards. This is an effective way to build relationships because it recognises that customers should be rewarded for more than just spending money. 

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4) Tesco Clubcard - ongoing investment in loyalty

Tesco Clubcard Loyalty Program
Tesco Clubcard Loyalty Program

Supermarket chain Tesco caused quite a stir when they decided to show Clubcard members and non-Clubcard members different pricing. But it’s paying off. 

Our CEO Achille Traore comments that “the Clubcard scheme gives Tesco a huge ‘data bank’ of insights into customer behaviours, helping the supermarket make the entire shopping experience more effective by offering the right products at the right prices…Such data can also feed future strategies for the supermarket, such as new product development, promotional campaigns and supply-chain forecasting.” 

The success of the Clubcard loyalty program, which now has over 20 million members, shows how loyalty technology can be used to “gain an advanced understanding of how customers behave across stores and online, ultimately positioning Tesco as a leader in the digital loyalty space”...


5) Asda Rewards - launched in August 2022

Asda Rewards Program

After years of no rewards, Asda launched its first-ever loyalty scheme in August this year, offering customers “pounds not points”. Customers scan an in-app card when they shop to access ‘bonuses’ that are exchanged for vouchers to spend. 


The app includes gamification in the form of ‘missions’ - challenges for shoppers to earn extra value. Gamification is a crucial part of creating engaging experiences that help retain customers. 


Asda now joins the rest of the big UK supermarket chains that are already rewarding loyalty, like Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Morrisons, M&S, the Co-op and more. Now that Asda has recognised the value of rewarding customers, they are in a great position to “catch up with other supermarkets and narrow the gap”.

6) Radisson Hotel Group - ongoing investment in loyalty

Radisson Hotel Group Rewards Program

RHG upgraded its loyalty program in October 2022 to offer customers the opportunity to get more valuable rewards faster. VIP members can now advance to the highest loyalty tier twice as fast as before.

On top of this, the revamped loyalty program gives members benefits from day 1 - including free upgrades, food and drink discounts, and exclusive experiences. Cristina Serra, Global Senior VP of Customer Strategy says that there’s never been a better time to “reward customers with a new range of personalised benefits to ensure that every moment matters when they stay with us”.

7) Walmart - ongoing investment in loyalty 

Walmart rewards program
Walmart Rewards Program

Walmart launched its loyalty program Walmart+ back in 2020. In August 2022, the retailer introduced Walmart Rewards - a cashback incentive program where customers can get money back for purchases. Walmart also added new benefits to their program this year, giving Walmart+ members a free Paramount+ subscription. 


Walmart+ and Walmart Rewards are part of a long-term loyalty strategy for Walmart, which centers around giving customers more value. CEO Doug McMillion anticipates that “over time, more and more of our customers will want to become members, because it makes life better”. 

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8) PlayStation Stars - launched in October 2022 

PlayStation Stars Rewards Program

Sony unveiled a brand new PlayStation loyalty program in October. The program aims to give players more memorable experiences with the use of rewards, tournaments, trophies, and competitions. Rewards include game discounts, exclusive access to products in the PlayStation store, and digital collectibles. 


Apparently, Sony is only just getting started with PlayStation stars - and the program will evolve over time. It looks like this is the start of a long-term loyalty initiative for the technology brand. 

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9) PayPal Rewards - launched in October 2022

PayPal Cashback Rewards

Until October 2022, PayPal was just an online payment service. Now (and just in time for Christmas) PayPal offers customers the ability to earn and redeem cashback when they shop online. Via a browser extension or mobile app, shoppers can earn money to put towards their purchases across many different stores.


PayPal’s cashback rewards gives customers more value by helping them stretch their budgets - a great way to attract and retain loyal customers during the cost of living crisis. 

10) Dunkin' Donuts - ongoing investment in loyalty 

Dunkin Donuts Loyalty Program

Dunkin’ has become the latest coffee chain to upgrade its loyalty offering. Dunkin’ rewards, which relaunched across the US in October 2022, offers customers more perks.

The revamped program gives customers the opportunity to earn points faster, and redeem them quicker. Dunkin also introduced a new ‘boosted’ status - an extra tier within their rewards scheme - which unlocks more perks and can be achieved by members who visit stores 12 times in a calendar month. 


These improvements are set to bring a “new and improved customer experience to Dunkin’ fans”, who want “flexibility, variety, and recognition”. 

11) Schuh - launched in May 2022

Email & SCHUH CLUB Loyalty Sign-Up | Exclusive Discounts
Schuh's First-Ever Loyalty Program

Footwear retail company Schuh launched their first-ever loyalty program earlier this year. “The Schuh Club” gives members points when they shop. Points can then be exchanged into money-off vouchers, or exclusive access to events.

Schuh launched the loyalty program to gain a deeper understanding of their customers. Thanks to The Schuh Club, the brand gets a 360 view of customer purchasing habits and can identify individuals across different channels.

According to the retail brand, rewarding customers who shop with Schuh helps to "reduce one-time purchases, increase average order value and ensure customers continue to choose schuh as their destination for footwear.”

It's time to get serious about loyalty...

The above big brands have been heavily investing in loyalty this year.


It's no longer a matter of if you should implement one, but when.


If you're not already offering a rewards program, or if your current program isn't working for your customers or clients, now is the time to get serious about loyalty. As we move into the new year, when many businesses will be facing an economic downturn, it’s more important than ever to offer valued-added experiences. 

Don't miss the opportunity to attract and retain more customers in 2023! Get in touch with us to scope out your loyalty strategy. 

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