Which brands are winning with loyalty this year and what do they have in common?

We’ve seen many exciting brands invest in loyalty solutions over the past few years. From innovative startups, to established businesses in every industry. But who is dominating the loyalty game this year? And what’s their secret?


Let’s explore some of the latest and greatest businesses who have launched successful rewards programs. We'll also discover what they have in common…


Which brands are winning with loyalty this year?

Many of the world’s top loyalty programs are finalists in them 2023 International Loyalty Awards. These awards recognise the best loyalty initiatives across different categories, such as Best B2B Loyalty Program and Best Customer Experience.

Among the finalists are:

eBucks by First National Bank - Best Use of Technology

The eBucks rewards program has been offering South African customers benefits for the past 20 years. Customers can earn points for everyday activities like shopping and fuelling up. Points can be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including travel packages and the latest gadgets. 

eBucks' success lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate into customers' daily lives, offering rewards that are tangible and valuable.

eBucks rewards loyalty program
eBucks rewards loyalty program


Tickit by Dubai Holding - Best Loyalty Initiative within Leisure, Experience & Entertainment

Tickit offers a frictionless, digital-first experience where members can earn and redeem points via card linking. Users are rewarded instantly for shopping across the UAE’s 1000+ participating outlets and 300+ brands. Within just 1 year, Tickit has become the second-largest loyalty program in the UAE, with a 20% higher engagement rate than traditional loyalty programs. 

Tickit stands out with its seamless and easy-to-use digital platform that instantly rewards customers for their shopping activities. 

Tickit rewards app
Dubai Holding Tickit rewards app


SKB Bank - Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty 

SKB Bank’s BONUS Rewards Programme has been recognised for its use of gamification to enhance loyalty. The program aimed to increase customer engagement and card usage. The 3 month pilot successfully incentivised desired behaviours such as word-of-mouth referrals and GDPR consent. 

By using gamified elements, this program has connected with banking customers in a fun and engaging way. 

Read the full case study here

SKB Bank rewards programme
SKB Bank rewards programme


Wesleyan Rewards - Best Loyalty Benefits in a Financial Product

Finally, Wesleyan was recognised for its rewards program in the financial sector. Wesleyan Rewards focuses on providing more value to its members by offering perks which cater to the needs of their different customers. 

By offering personalised rewards, Wesleyan has enhanced the overall experience of investing in financial products. 

Read the full case study here


Financial loyalty program
Wesleyan Rewards app


More successful loyalty program examples 2023

M&S Club Rewards

M&S Club Rewards is a popular loyalty program by Marks and Spencer that helps customers save money by earning points for every pound spent. Members can redeem their rewards in-store or online for a variety of products and receive personalised offers, early access to sales, and free hot drinks and treats in M&S cafes.

The program is designed to cater to individual customer preferences, with tailored offers and rewards based on their shopping habits.

M&S rewards program
M&S rewards program

Shell Go+

Shell Go+ is a loyalty program that rewards members for filling up their tank, shopping in-store, or purchasing products and services online. It sends members exclusive offers, prize draws, and bonus point promotions, and members can choose how they want to redeem their points. 

The success of ShellGo+ lies in its flexibility - offering customers the ability to choose how they want to earn and redeem points. 


ShellGO+ rewards
Shell loyalty program



Lululemon's loyalty program also goes beyond just discounts and offers early access to new products, free shipping and returns, and exclusive access to member-only events and classes. The program encourages members to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle and offers a 'wear and care' guarantee, allowing members to return any item that doesn't meet their expectations. 

Lululemon's success lies in its ability to offer rewards and benefits that align with customers' values and lifestyles, which help promote a sense of community

Lululemon's loyalty program
Lululemon loyalty memership


What do these successful loyalty programs have in common?


Tangible and valuable rewards

Successful loyalty programs offer rewards that are meaningful and useful to customers.


Seamless customer experience

Loyalty programs that integrate seamlessly into customers' daily lives are more likely to be successful because they are easy to use.



Tailoring rewards and offers based on customers' individual preferences and behaviours increases engagement and loyalty.



Offering customers a choice in how they earn and redeem points makes a loyalty program more attractive.


Creating a community

Loyalty programs that align with customers' values and promote a sense of community can enhance loyalty by making members feel like part of an exclusive group.



The latest players in the loyalty space are raising the bar with their innovative approaches and customer-centric focus. Whether it’s the frictionless card-linking approach from Tickit, M&S Sparks’ personalised offers, or Lululemon’s exclusive community, these brands show us that loyalty is about much more than points and discounts - it’s about building lasting relationships with customers.


If you want to be the next brand to win loyal customers this year - get in contact!

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