Now more than ever, customers are seeking more personalisation in their hospitality experiences. With the right loyalty program in place, you can offer your customers a more tailored experience that will inspire them to come back for more.



Highly competitive market

Difficult to influence customers without a direct communication channel

Diners are constantly looking for an engaging hybrid customer experience

Suggested Use Case

B2C Loyalty

Keep your customers happy with a digital loyalty program. Get closer to your customers, incentivise their behaviour and personalise their offers.

Digital-friendly with the mobile app

As your business happens offline, you need a mobile app to help you get customer data. Digital loyalty programs are a useful tool to connect with your customers online and understand their profiles and behaviours. Choose a robust white label solution and save time and money on development - launching a loyalty program has never been easier.

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Digital-friendly with the mobile app

Make earning & burning loyalty points simple

For a smooth loyalty experience, use our card linking technology that turns any payment card into a loyalty card. Every transaction is seamlessly recorded and automatically gives your customers points for their purchases. No need to remember a physical loyalty card; each time they pay, they’ll be rewarded.

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Make earning & burning loyalty points simple

Engage them where they are

With our Marketing Module, you can send your customers instant offers with push notification campaigns. Use our powerful segmentation engine to make sure you send the right offer to the right audience, whether that’s based on previous transactions, demographics or geolocation.

Reach your customers better
Engage them where they are


“The La Casita Rewards app built by White Label Loyalty has is a very positive addition to the La Casita brand. We have only had positive feedback from our customers and staff on the look and functionality of the app. The app has been great for brand awareness and mixes us with the likes of the big players in this sector such as PizzaExpress etc. It has definitely increased return custom and we can now track this using the loyalty console and analytics suite provided by White Label Loyalty.”

Simon Miller

Simon Miller - Co-founder - La Casita

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