Level Up Learning: Transforming Education with Gamification and Loyalty Mechanics

It’s back-to-school season, but a growing number of students are reporting a declining interest in learning. 

According to the Gallup Student Poll, engagement is at an all-time low. 


So how can the education industry reignite enthusiasm for learning? 

To answer this, we’ll explore the transformative potential of gamification and loyalty mechanics in education.


Gamification and loyalty mechanics in education

Imagine a learning environment that’s as engaging as a video game. Imagine students earning rewards and recognition for their dedication. 

Gamification and loyalty mechanics can recognise and incentivise students’ progress and achievements in ways that traditional grading systems cannot.

Gamification in education example

One practical example of gamification in education is the use of digital badges. These badges serve as micro-credentials, certifying learning outcomes. By rewarding specific achievements, they empower students, helping them to visualize their progress and drive their motivation.


How to Use Digital Badges for Your Online Courses
Examples of digital badges for online courses

Source: LinkedIn


In contrast to conventional grading systems, digital badges can be used to encompass dedication and engagement, as well as knowledge. For example, educational institutions could use digital badges to acknowledge students who commit a certain number of hours to a course, or to reward students who engage in class discussions.

How to implement digital badges in a learning environment ⬇️


Set clear objectives

Begin by defining the learning objectives, providing students with a clear understanding of how to collect a badge. 


Design exciting badges

Visually appealing badges are more engaging. Create different badges for different achievement levels. Personalised badges, such as including a student’s name, add an extra layer of recognition.


Earning badges rules

Set clear criteria for earning badges, which may involve passing assessments, completing assignments ahead of schedule, or showing high engagement.


Progress tracking

Enable students to track their badge progress on their profiles, providing a visual representation of their accomplishments, which can significantly boost motivation.


Badge showcase

Encourage students to proudly showcase their earned badges, or even reference them in personal statements and job applications to enhance their employability. 

Example: Duolingo - Gamification and loyalty in practice

The language learning app Duolingo thrives due to its use of gamification and loyalty mechanics:

  • Badges and rewards: Duolingo rewards progress with badges for completing lessons, maintaining streaks, and achieving milestones. 

Duolingo digital badges


  • Levels and points: users can earn points that help them advance through different levels. This is an example of a tiered loyalty scheme.

Everything You Need to Know About Duolingo Monthly Challenge Badges •  Happily Ever Travels


  • Virtual currency: Duolingo features a virtual currency called Lingots, which can be spent on the in-app store to purchase bonus lessons and other enjoyable extras.



  • Challenges: Duolingo occasionally hosts challenges and events that foster friendly competition among users. 


How Biscuit uses badges to increase user engagement and educate dog owners

Gamifying the education sector

White Label Loyalty envisions a world where gamified elements are seamlessly integrated into the learning process, transforming education into a motivating and rewarding journey for students and educators alike. Loyalty programs and gamification are the keys to this transformation. 


And the best part? If you already have an educational platform up and running, you can simply use our Loyalty API to give you the ability to incentivise and reward your users - without starting from scratch. Find out more about our loyalty API here.

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