The technology behind Biscuit - a unique rewards app for dog owners

Have you ever thought of a rewards app that has pets' well-being in mind and rewards users for improving their pets’ health and quality of life?

Well, Biscuit has!


With over 950,000 miles walked by challenging users to complete activity goals since their launch in mid-March 2022, Biscuit has quickly become a success loyalty story.


Easy-to-use features, game-based challenges, and frictionless rewards are the driving forces behind Biscuit's success.

Biscuit: a loyalty program for dog owners

Our Client


Biscuit is a unique rewards program for pet owners, designed to promote healthy choices for dogs via gamification and rewards. The app incentivises owners to prioritise their pet’s health and well-being by completing various activities tailored to their dogs.

Biscuit loyalty app.

Our Client’s Problem


Since the pandemic, dog ownership soared and conflicting pet-care advice arose. Biscuit is addressing this challenge.


Plus, between food, vet care, pet insurance and other costs, owning a dog can get expensive. But dog owners continue to put their pets first despite this “petflation”.


In addition to creating a nation of healthier and happier pets, Biscuit strives to reduce pet ownership's associated costs and uncertainty.


To keep people motivated, Biscuit needed an easy way to engage its growing user base.

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The technology behind the success

White Label Loyalty provided a flexible loyalty API to power Biscuit’s app. The API functions as a way to simply “turn on customer loyalty” and helps Biscuit save time and money on in-house development.


White Label Loyalty’s technology is what allows Biscuit to gamify the app: after users complete a challenge or task successfully, the loyalty API identifies those activities as 'events' and applies pre-set rules to reward them.


Our API technology allows Biscuit to provide personalised experiences for each user, engaging and rewarding them based on their behaviour.


Biscuit has full control over how their loyalty app is structured, from how points are earned to what rewards are available.


The API technology also provides advanced data insights that allow you to track the success of your loyalty program and gather insights about customer behaviours, preferences, and patterns.


Our API integrations made it easier, quicker and cheaper for Biscuit to launch, compared with in-house development.

More about our loyalty API integration capabilities


How does it work?

Biscuit loyalty app aims to educate, incentivize and reward dog owners for making the best choices for their dogs' health and happiness.


The app helps users identify breed-specific exercise requirements and uses gamification to make it clear and easy to follow. Users get set walking ‘challenges’ that earn ‘biscuits’ (points) upon completion.


Points can be exchanged for a wide range of rewards - from discounts on pet care and services to shopping vouchers to spend with Amazon, Tesco, Just Eat and more.


The app also encourages users to prioritise their dog's overall well-being - with badges available for users that complete treatments such as flea and worm prevention.


Since launching in mid-March 2022, Biscuit has gathered over 50,000 registered members in just 9 months.

Biscuit loyalty app results.


Members have shown high engagement thanks to the app's ease of use and clear gamified challenges. Over 950,000 miles have already been walked by challenging users to complete activity goals -  over 356,000 daily activity goals and over 60,900 weekly activity goals have been achieved by users to date.


The app has received glowing reviews, with a 4.6-star rating on the app store and reaching the #1 spot on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store in the Health & Fitness category.


The company has also seen incredible organic growth after being picked up on social media. The app drove user engagement, new member acquisition, and retention, and provided new revenue streams through strategic partnerships and reward partners.


The fast user uptake and continued high engagement show Biscuit's success in its first 9 months.


According to customer satisfaction surveys and reviews, Biscuit has already proven to be crucial in helping dog owners reduce the cost of pet ownership as well as helping them to take the best care of their dogs' health and happiness.


White Label Loyalty’s platform merges easily with your existing tech systems, giving you the tools to create effortless solutions.


Our system is designed on an API-first basis. That means every aspect of it can be interacted with via an API connection, and there’s no need to build yourself a new app or site. 


Want to learn more about what our software can do for your business? Get in touch or download our White Paper.

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