5 loyalty program hacks that keep your customers coming back

Picture this: in a saturated marketplace where brands are all competing for attention, your customers keep coming back to you. Not just for what you sell, but also for how you make them feel. That’s the power of a strong loyalty program. 

Welcome to the future of customer loyalty. In today’s market, it’s not enough to just offer great products; your customers are craving memorable experiences

They seek personal touch, instant gratification, and a sense of belonging. To meet these desires, you need a loyalty program that stands out from the rest - one that captivates your customers and helps you build lasting relationships.


Here are 5 key loyalty program strategies that will keep your customers returning:


Implementing exclusivity

Every business should strive to make their customers feel like VIPs. Practically, this can be achieved by introducing an exclusive tier to your loyalty program. 


Take a leaf out of Sephora’s book - their beauty Insider program offers early access to products and exclusive events. 


Tiered loyalty program

Make your customer feel extra special by offering exclusive perks, such as VIP events, or members-only content. 


Instant gratification

In today’s fast-paced world, waiting isn’t an option. Especially when it comes to younger consumers like Gen Z


The concept is simple: your loyalty program should provide immediate rewards. 

Take a cue from Starbucks, which grants instant freebies to app users when they collect enough ‘stars’. 



Whether it’s a discount, a freebie, or a perk, the key is to make sure your customers experience the benefits right away, leaving them delighted and eager to return for more. 


Simplicity is best

Have you ever tried to decipher complicated loyalty terms? We’ve all been there. Most people just haven’t got the time or patience for it. Keep your loyalty program rules simple - and communicate them clearly to customers. 


The second a customer feels like they don’t understand how to earn or redeem rewards, they will become frustrated and disengaged. 


If you think a loyalty program is too complicated for your business, there are many other straightforward ways you can give your customers a reason to choose you. Take the example of cashback rewards - a simple way to give your customers instant value. 


If it’s easy to understand and use, it’s more likely to be embraced. 


Constant adaptation

Your loyalty program should be a chameleon, always adjusting to fit your customers’ changing desires. 

Consult the data collected through your loyalty program and pivot your strategy if necessary.


Also, pay close attention to customer feedback. Show them that you’re listening and always willing to evolve…


Surprise and delight!

Who doesn’t appreciate an unexpected surprise? 

Take a cue from the world of gaming. Riot Games, the creators of the popular multiplayer game League of Legends, have mastered the art of surprise and delight. They frequently release unexpected in-game events, exclusive skins, gifts, and bonus content that keeps players engaged.


The essence of this strategy is to infuse your loyalty program with moments that leave your customers feeling appreciated. These kinds of surprises create a lasting impression and will keep your customers coming back for more. 



Crafting a compelling customer loyalty program isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity.

The power of a great loyalty program isn’t just in its rewards; it’s in the connections it builds, the experiences it provides, and the sense of belonging it fosters.


These 5 strategies are your keys to keeping customers engaged and eager to return. The power to captivate, surprise and connect with your customers is in your hands. 


Ready to keep your customers coming back for more? Get in touch with us to explore our loyalty solutions.

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