Core Platform


Make any data rewardable - our flexible architecture makes it easy to turn the data you’re already capturing in pre-existing internal or 3rd-party systems into rewardable moments.


Connect your ePOS system with our platform to directly import transaction data.


By activating integration with your CRM or ERP system, we can import data about your customer activity to trigger loyalty events. We can also send data from our platform back to your CRM or ERP to ensure that you have a complete profile of customer behaviour.


Use all your customer data that you collect into your CDP as events that you can incentivise and reward.


In addition to our in-house marketing module, we also integrate with many other platforms that allow you to communicate with your customers via a range of different methods.


Track customer behaviour across both physical and online channels by integrating your online sales platform.

Reviews and Ratings.

Link customer activity on third party review websites to their loyalty identity.

Social Media.

Reward your customers based on their social media activity.


Use customer location as a trigger for providing rewards.

Digital Gift Cards

Reward your customers with third party digital gift cards and vouchers from their favourite retailers!

... and many more!

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