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Connect your loyalty program in HubSpot without researching its API, registering in a developer program, and getting your application approved. We take care of authentication, secure credentials storage, and token refreshes so you don't have to.

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Dubai Holding
Burger King
Integrate now!

Integrate now!

Choose our API-first platform and simply connect to hundreds of software tools you might be using.

Automate desired actions with HubSpot

Create an omnichannel experience for your customers and automate actions between the White Label Loyalty platform and HubSpot in real time.

Removes a token from the event template

This will remove the token from an existing template. Existing events and CRM objects will still retain the token and its mapped object properties, but new ones will not.

The timeline will still display this property for older CRM objects if it's still referenced in the template Markdown. New events will not.

Any lists or reports referencing deleted tokens will no longer return new contacts, but old ones will still exist in the lists.

Gets the detailTemplate as rendered

This will take the detailTemplate from the event template and return an object rendering the specified event. If the template references extraData that isn't found in the event, it will be ignored and we'll render without it.

Deletes an event template for the app

This will delete the event template. All associated events will be removed from search results and the timeline UI.

This action can't be undone, so it's highly recommended that you stop using any associated events before deleting a template.

Renders the header or detail as HTML

This will take either the headerTemplate or detailTemplate from the event template and render for the specified event as HTML. If the template references extraData that isn't found in the event, it will be ignored and we'll render without it.

Gets a specific event template for your app

View the current state of a specific template and its tokens.

List all event templates for your app

Use this to list all event templates owned by your app.

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Call and retrieve data from HubSpot

Connect data collections between White Label Loyalty and HubSpot for a smooth flow via an API.

burger king case study

Case Study

Burger King

burger king case study

See how Burger King deployed our receipt scanning technology to quickly launch their Kingdom Rewards loyalty program without the need to invest time and money integrating with multiple ePOS systems.

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