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No matter the use case, we’re equipped to elevate your business to the next level. Our loyalty product is industry agnostic, as we’ve developed a platform that is fully customisable and flexible.

Other Industries

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B2B Loyalty

Bypass retailers and engage with your end business customers directly. Get closer to your end-customers than ever before with a B2B rewards program.

B2C Loyalty

Keep your customers happy with a digital loyalty program. Get closer to your customers, incentivise their behaviour and personalise their offers.

Brand Activation Campaign

An end-to-end turnkey solution for data-driven activation campaigns will help you run campaigns faster, easier and smoother.

Instant Cashback

Using affiliate offers, let your customers automatically earn cashback on their online shopping with your own branded extension or SDK.

Loyalty API

A flexible API to power your existing infrastructure or front-end with our loyalty SaaS solution.

Member Rewards

An out of the box rewards solution to make it more attractive to become a customer and add value to stay a customer.

Multi-Tenanted Loyalty

Offer your customers a unified loyalty program across multiple businesses or merchants.

Welcome to the dream factory

At White Label Loyalty, you never pay for what you’re not using. We’ve designed our platform to be modular, which means we can suit any use case in any industry. We’re proud to have powered some of the most innovative projects, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think your solution is unique.

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Welcome to the dream factory

Your program, your rules

Get the functionality you need, without a single line of code - thanks to our event-based loyalty engine. At White Label Loyalty, any action can have any reaction. Because we know there’s no one size fits all with loyalty and retention.

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Your program, your rules

Unlock maximum potential

Are you doing enough with the customer data? Capture every customer action and go beyond basic insights with robust analytics. Our platform can combine your pre-existing data streams with our powerful first-party data capture, so you can stop marketing in the dark.

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Unlock maximum potential

Reward your loyal customers

Incentivize your customers by offering them what they will appreciate and inspire them to continue purchasing from your brand. Grow your rewards selection choices so that there’s something out there for every customer.

Reward your loyal customers

Become your customers' brand of choice

Get closer to your customers, deliver more relevant value, and build long-term brand engagement – your way. As the most flexible loyalty platform on the market, we allow your loyalty program to scale together with your business without rigid structures.

Become your customers' brand of choice

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