Mastering Loyalty in the CPG & FMCG Industry: A Guide to Challenges and Solutions

For customers, shopping can often feel like entering a brand battleground. This is particularly true when it comes to FMCG & CPG brands, which are faced with the challenge of creating genuine loyalty in a fiercely competitive market. And for many businesses, the challenge is not just standing out, but also establishing a lasting connection with their customers so that they become the brand of choice.

Thankfully, modern loyalty technology is offering real-world solutions to many of the challenges that these brands face.


Our whitepaper covers the solutions to common industry challenges, with real examples of how leading brands - like PepsiCo - are now navigating customer loyalty. 

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What are the key challenges for FMCG & CPG Brands?


Brand switching

Did you know that more than 1 in 3 consumers say they have no problem switching from a brand they have used previously to a different one? 


Shoppers switch brands for various reasons - better quality, service, promotions, price, new products or convenience. This lack of brand loyalty means that CPG businesses struggle to get customers to choose them consistently.


Data drought

The majority of FMCG/CPG companies lack first-party data, which makes personalised marketing challenging, especially when selling through third-party retailers.


Lack of data touchpoints

Without a direct touchpoint, understanding customers becomes a puzzle, compounded by siloed data from different campaigns, platforms, and sales channels.


Siloed data

When your data is siloed, you cannot get a complete picture of who your customers are, what they do, how they buy, and what they prefer.

How can loyalty technology help?


Collecting first-party data

Loyalty tech gives you access to first-party data so you can get a closer look at consumer behavior and preferences.


Data harmony

The right technology can break down data silos, offering a single source of truth. Imagine being able to see a 360-degree view of each customer with all of their interactions and preferences across their journey with you.


Your customers, crystal clear

No more sifting through fragmented data sources. Loyalty tech gives you that single customer view so you can tailor your approach, make informed decisions and boost loyalty.


Power of Personalisation

Loyalty tech gives you the power to personalise. Analytics and AI can help you tailor marketing strategies to each customer. It's not just about launching successful campaigns - it's about building relationships with your customers. 

How PepsiCo uses technology to win the brand battleground

PepsiCo has refined its data strategy with our intelligent receipt scanning tech. 


So far they’ve launched over 25 campaigns, with 13,000 PepsiCo products captured and over 15,000 engaged customers across the Benelux region. 


Find out exactly how and why this approach works here.


The future of FMCG loyalty

FMCG loyalty has a bright future, one marked by customer-centricity, data-driven decisions, seamless experiences, and growth opportunities. Embracing a loyalty technology partner is key to sustained success in this ever-evolving industry. 


Ready for the deep dive?


This article only scratches the surface. For the full scoop, with real-world examples and in-depth insights, download the whitepaper now

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