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Progressive Web App

Save yourself time and effort by using our White Label Loyalty platform’s progressive web app front end. It can easily be integrated within an existing platform or used standalone, making it as simple as possible to set up your new loyalty app.


Check out our demo loyalty web app.

Get going quickly.

Avoid expensive and lengthy set-up by deploying loyalty within your existing website or loyalty web app using our microsite. This option avoids any costly native mobile app development, enabling you to get started straight away.

Flexible and customisable.

Our online loyalty platform comes with a number of layout options which can be customised to align with your branding. Choose from a range of UI options such as displaying a user’s balance, loyalty status, recent transactions, user profile and more. Our microsite can be deployed for a number of different use cases, from standard loyalty programmes through to competitions and brand activations.

Deployment options.

Our front-end microsite can be deployed within an existing mobile app or website with very little work from your development team. Alternatively, you can choose to deploy it as a standalone loyalty web app to overcome your customers’ ‘app fatigue’.

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Responsive performance.

Our microsite has been optimised to be as efficient as possible so your users don’t get frustrated by a slow and unresponsive interface. Our microsite front end is quick to load, allowing for a great customer experience.

Fully integrated.

Our microsite is seamlessly integrated with our data-capture systems, providing an easy-to-use front end to which customers can link their payment card, and where they can scan QR codes or submit receipts.

Case Study

Burger King EMEA

See how Burger King used our microsite component to quickly deploy loyalty within their existing mobile app, from scoping to deployments in under 3 months.

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