Core Platform

Loyalty Engine

Our loyalty engine is an AI and event-based powerhouse that drives the White Label Loyalty platform. Every part of it is designed with your business in mind, giving you the power to maintain a customer base, improve retention and drive return visits.

Loyalty Engine

Event. Action. Reaction. Insight.

Designed to reflect real-world activity, our loyalty platform models interactions between your business and your customers as a stream of events (e.g. a customer making a purchase, providing feedback, entering a geofence or simply interacting with your content) from which you can get a deeper customer understanding. 

Event. Action. Reaction. Insight.

How Our Loyalty Engine Works

With our event-based system, you can set up any rules you want and make every action rewardable.

Track every customer interaction
Signing up
Scanning a receipt
Submitting a promo code
Making a referral
Having birthday
Sharing a post on Instagram
Linking a card
3rd party API event
Set up custom rules
IF new user THEN award bonus points
IF product featured THEN give points
Check if promo code is unused
IF new user makes a transaction THEN give reward
Offer a special offer for 24 hours
Automatically send push notification IF account is tagged
IF total spend is more than $15 THEN give 10 points
If Shopify event happens THEN award points
Create rewarding experiences
Give points
Give voucher
Offer discount
Send push notification
Enrol in email sequence
Upgrade tier
Unlock a reward or badge
3rd party API trigger

Make any customer action rewardable

Due to our loyalty platform's event-based architecture, you can finally reward any kind of customer action. This could include social media activity, referring a friend, providing feedback or any other kind of custom event. Go beyond transactions, and make any customer action rewardable.


Incentivise referrals

Entry into geofence

Trigger offers & notifications based on customers' location


Reward all or selected transactions, online & offline

Social Engagement

Drive UGC by rewarding social media engagement

Promo Code

Run campaigns with trackable promo codes


Drive more reviews with incentives

Product Preference

Get granular by running product-specific campaigns


Surprise & delight your most loyal customers

API access.

Our loyalty engine is built on an API-first architecture, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems. Every aspect of the platform can be managed by an API and connected to any data source. It can also work with many third-party APIs that allow you to add additional data into your loyalty platform, or export data for use elsewhere.

API access.

Personalise with micro-segments.

Group your customers based on their behaviour. Select them based on desired criteria (how many purchases they have made, current points status, consent status, etc), and reward them for their behaviour accordingly. 

Personalise with micro-segments.

Get to know your customers.

We have a range of data capture modules. Our receipt scanning solution can be extremely granular — you can capture something as simple as the date and time of a transaction, all the way up to the full SKU. You can either choose one of our out of the box options, or you can connect your existing CRM source.

Explore our data capture modules
Get to know your customers.

Level up.

Segment your customers by any variable. Send personalised offers to exactly the segments of the audience that are most likely to engage with it.
Take your customers on a loyalty journey by utilising gamification in your loyalty program. You can enable tiers to encourage customers to unlock additional benefits, or take it to the next level with gamification features, such as badges and achievements.

Level up.

Reward social engagement.

Reward your customers for interacting with your brand on social media. Create more brand campaigns that your customers will respond to and want to participate in — so that you can acquire new customers for less than ads, at scale.

Reward social engagement.

Track the success of your campaigns.

Manage unique promo codes for your campaigns and promotions right inside the WLL platform. Streamlining the process of creating, tracking, and analysing promotional campaigns has never been easier.

Track the success of your campaigns.

Case Study


Biscuit Case Study

Learn how Biscuit is using our event-based loyalty engine to reward dog owners for walking their pets.