White Label Loyalty + Shopify integration



About Shopify

Connect your loyalty program in Shopify without researching its API, registering in a developer program, and getting your application approved. We take care of authentication, secure credentials storage, and token refreshes so you don't have to.

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Dubai Holding
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Integrate now!

Integrate now!

Choose our API-first platform and simply connect to hundreds of software tools you might be using.

Automate desired actions with Shopify

Create an omnichannel experience for your customers and automate actions between the White Label Loyalty platform and Shopify in real time.

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Call and retrieve data from Shopify

Connect data collections between White Label Loyalty and Shopify for a smooth flow via an API.


Case Study


Tickit Case Study

Learn how Dubai Holding launched a first-of-its-kind rewards program to offer members instant rewards for shopping at virtually any destination across the UAE.

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