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Connect your loyalty program in Pipedrive without researching its API, registering in a developer program, and getting your application approved. We take care of authentication, secure credentials storage, and token refreshes so you don't have to.

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Dubai Holding
Burger King
Integrate now!

Integrate now!

Choose our API-first platform and simply connect to hundreds of software tools you might be using.

Automate desired actions with Pipedrive

Create an omnichannel experience for your customers and automate actions between the White Label Loyalty platform and Pipedrive in real time.

Add an activity

Adds a new activity. Includes more_activities_scheduled_in_context property in response's additional_data which indicates whether there are more undone activities scheduled with the same deal, person or organization (depending on the supplied data). For more information, see the tutorial for adding an activity.

Add a deal

Adds a new deal. Note that you can supply additional custom fields along with the request that are not described here. These custom fields are different for each Pipedrive account and can be recognized by long hashes as keys. To determine which custom fields exists, fetch the dealFields and look for key values. For more information, see the tutorial for adding a deal.

Add new activity type

Adds a new activity type.

Add a channel

Adds a new messaging channel, only admins are able to register new channels. It will use the getConversations endpoint to fetch conversations, participants and messages afterward. To use the endpoint, you need to have Messengers integration OAuth scope enabled and the Messaging manifest ready for the Messaging app extension.

Add a call log

Adds a new call log.

Attach an audio file to the call log

Adds an audio recording to the call log. That audio can be played by those who have access to the call log object.

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Call and retrieve data from Pipedrive

Connect data collections between White Label Loyalty and Pipedrive for a smooth flow via an API.

burger king case study

Case Study

Burger King

burger king case study

See how Burger King deployed our receipt scanning technology to quickly launch their Kingdom Rewards loyalty program without the need to invest time and money integrating with multiple ePOS systems.

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