The Future Of Loyalty

Go beyond just transactions and reward any customer activity. Our event-based loyalty engine will allow your business to acquire, understand, engage, and retain more customers.

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Power your loyalty with an API-first platform, which connects to your existing data sources (ePOS, CRM etc.). Go beyond just transactions and build a 360 picture of your customers.


Out events-based reactor engine instantly rewards any kind of customer behaviour, driving superb customer engagement.

Reliable & Secure

Our solution is fully GDPR-compliant and secure. Our platform has 99.999% uptime so you don't have to worry about losing data or systems failure.

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Benefits of Our Platform

Make Data Driven Decisions

Our Loyalty Console gives you detailed and actionable insights into your customer data.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Keep customers happy with relevant ‘surprise and delight’ experiences and measure sentiment with our feedback module.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Use our referral module to drive word of mouth customer acquisition.

Understand Your Customer

Create a rich profile of individual customers and commonalities across segments.

Increase Purchase Frequency and Basket Size

Build a loyalty program that engages customers and encourages regular and larger repeat purchases / visits.

Increase Customer Retention

Understand when your customers are in danger of dropping off and intervene to keep them.

Success stories

We are an experienced technology provider for advanced loyalty programs all around the world.


Use our platform as the loyalty engine within your wider marketing stack. We have integrations with a range of popular cloud services and software packages. Have your systems talk with each other seamlessly and run truly omnichannel strategy.

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Our solutions

Our uniquely flexible architecture means that we can serve clients across a wide array of industries and verticals.
Here are some of the most common solutions we offer.


Magnify your business growth with a cloud-based loyalty program that integrates within all your existing systems.


Bypass the retailer, engage with your end-customers through data-driven campaigns and gain 1st party data.


Data-driven eCommerce loyalty that plugs into all major eCommerce platforms and improves retention and engagement.


A flexible API/SDK to power your existing tech with loyalty.


Deliver frictionless customer experiences, collect powerful customer behaviour data, and drive new & repeat sales.


Want to run your own multi-tenanted (coalition) loyalty scheme? Our platform provides all you need to administer an unlimited number of business tenants.


Create your own customised rewards or choose third-party off-the-shelf rewards from top retailers to provide value to your customers.


Don’t recognise your own use case within our examples? Our platform is designed to work for any use case so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Experts in data

We believe in data-driven loyalty. You can connect our platform to your existing data source such as an ePOS or CRM system or use our in-house card linking or receipt scanning data capture solutions.


Provide a loyalty solution to your existing customer database.


Use our AI-powered receipt scanning technology & gain transaction data.


Turn payment cards into loyalty cards and start rewarding customers!

Choose your interface

With our white label loyalty mobile app or microsite, your customers receive their rewards direct to their phones. Already have an app or website? Our SDK solution allows you to integrate loyalty into your existing system.

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