Wotzon Rewards is a unique service operating in Thailand providing tourists with attractive money saving rewards to local businesses.  Participating merchants can manage their own rewards and loyalty in real-time using the platform.

Services Provided

WLL Multi-Tenanted Platform
Ongoing maintenance & support
Brand new app development & launch
Success manager for data insights


  • Expensive to build an ecosystem loyalty platform
  • Flexibility to cater for multiple participating merchants in different industries
  • Create a Self-service model for merchants
  • Comprehensive reporting and marketing tools


  • WLL Multi-Tenanted Loyalty Platform
  • Bespoke app on iOS and Android
  • Self-service loyalty engine for merchants
  • Reporting and targeted marketing suite
  • Bespoke features


  • From proof to launch in weeks
  • Over 1,500 participating businesses

See it in action.

Download the Wotzon Rewards app from the App Store or Google Play Store and see it in action.