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QR Code Renaissance: Why and How You Should Use Them

We thought QR codes would never come back. Yet here we are in 2021 and QR codes are gaining popularity again in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. How and why did it happen and how can you profit from the renaissance of QR codes.

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How to Win Valentine’s Day 2021 with Brand Activations

Valentine’s Day 2021 might be the most important one ever, and retailers need to take advantage of that with brand activations.

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How Purpose-Driven Marketing Ruled 2020

Discover how purpose-driven marketing ruled the year of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic and increased consciousness of consumers.

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First Lockdown Marketing Lessons That Will Help You in the Next One

With a second lockdown around the corner, here's the most important first lockdown marketing lessons to take to heart and help you improve your strategy.

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Shopper Marketing and Brand Activation in the New World

This article aims to shed a light on the future of shopper marketing and brand activation as we move full steam into recovery mode. I will start by acknowledging that even before C-19, shopper marketing was changing. The classic P&G model of being able to plot a consumer buying journey had already been disrupted by digital. This meant that the consumers purchase journey had become increasingly fluid, leaving many interpretation and engagement plans generally unrealistic.

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