Bespoke Projects

Pick and choose your modules and we will fine tune and tailor a solution to your needs. 

Do you need third-party integration? No problem, we are at your service.


Run bespoke loyalty programmes. Rewards can be configured on any customer or business interaction event.


Connector used to trigger loyalty events. This can be barcode, receipt, POS or card-linked transaction, or stand-alone.

Analytics & Reporting

Business Intelligence platform tailored to your needs which is also exportable.


Allows segmentation of action based data such as time, amount spent, geo-location, feedback etc. Fully GDPR compliant.


User profiles, data collection and a login and signup mechanism – all using the latest security standards.


Reward users based on social activities such as sharing, providing feedback or ratings.


Allow users to pay for goods and services using the latest payment technologies, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Multi-brand Support

Run multiple ‘sandboxed’ loyalty programs across your group’s brands all from one central administration console.

App Design

Modern iOS & Android compatible app for your users to engage with your loyalty programme.