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Perks Loyalty

Perks enables businesses to easily build bespoke digital loyalty schemes enabling them to connect and reward their customers in a personal and efficient way.

The Challenge

Many small to medium sized businesses have a paper stamp card based on loyalty schemes, or don’t have a loyalty scheme at all. The lack of an affordable digital loyalty solution in the market makes it difficult for these small independent businesses to compete with the large marketing and IT budgets of big chains.

The Solution

Based on our multi-tenanted loyalty platform, Perks is a truly simple service that enables businesses to set up a bespoke loyalty scheme in minutes. Business owners are able set perks, promotions and reward their customers easily via a cross-platform merchant app. For customers, there is a cross-platform Perks Loyalty app where they can see all participating retailers and manage their stamps and rewards.

The Results

Perks Loyalty has over 500 participating merchants located across 4 continents and 8 industry sectors. With an easy to use administrator portal, on average it takes merchants only 11 minutes to configure their business on Perks Loyalty.




industry sectors

11 min

average time to go live


continents served


“We’ve tried loyalty cards in the past at Dare, but they haven’t really worked because a lot of our customers lose them or forget to bring them in, but they’re not going to forget their phones are they? Perks suits us because it’s adaptable and means that I can run campaigns and new promotions whenever I want.”

Ali – Manager Dare Cafe Headingley

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