How To Create A Great Loyalty Program App

Find out the secrets of how to create a great loyalty app in this guide from White Label Loyalty!

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Google’s Cookies Ban Delayed As Marketers Start To Welcome A Move Away

Google's delay on its third-party data ban has caused a stir with marketers who were readying their preparations, discover more about this. Also, find out about how a loyalty program can provide help with a solution for the future when the ban does eventually take place.

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The Growing Relevance Of AI In Marketing

Want to find out more about the impact of AI in marketing? Read this blog post to discover the strategies used to implement AI in the world of marketing.

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Digital Transformation

Riding The Wave: How The Pandemic Further Accelerated The Shift Of Digital Transformation

58% of customer interactions are now digital. Due to this digital transformation is now becoming more of a priority for businesses. Find out what changes have been made and how you can ride the wave here!

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Card Linking

Card Linking Technology: A Loyalty Program’s Best Friend

Card linking can be the first step towards a frictionless loyalty program. Learn more about this technology here.

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Receipt Scanning and Loyalty Programs: The Ultimate Match

Loyalty program receipt scanning is a popular way of gaining 1st party customer data for your scheme. Find out how this tech can help your business improve customer experience and drive sales.

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QR Code Renaissance: Why and How You Should Use Them

We thought QR codes would never come back. Yet here we are in 2021 and QR codes are gaining popularity again in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. How and why did it happen and how can you profit from the renaissance of QR codes.

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What Future of Loyalty Programs Looks Like

The Future of Loyalty Programs

Here at White Label Loyalty, we often say that we believe we are the Future of Loyalty. So what does that mean, you ask? Let us tell you what we think the Future of Loyalty Programs looks like.

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Track and Trace Hospitality Solution

5 Steps to a Safe Hospitality Track & Trace

Following the Government’s new guidance on how to reopen hospitality businesses post-lockdown, there has been a large debate over the new Track & Trace requirements. Between managing the numbers of guests, heightened hygiene and social distance policing, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés have a lot on their plate. The last thing they need is to worry about abiding by the data-protection legislation they might not be familiar with. Luckily, we’re here to help. Read on to find our 5 steps to a safe hospitality Track & Trace.

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Hospitality Operators Failing to Tailor Loyalty Programmes to Consumers

Yet more evidence that large companies are still getting it wrong! A new global study showed that diners want more personalised rewards and generally find the loyalty offers not relevant to them. Hotel & Restaurant customers said personalisation based on their stated preferences would be far more appealing.

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