The Surprising History Of Loyalty Programs: From Ancient Egypt To Modern Day

Are you intrigued about the history of loyalty programs? This post will guide you through centuries of innovation and change.

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Loyalty credit card

How To Increase Customer Loyalty: Our 7 Top Tips

Are you struggling with customers staying loyal? Learn about our 7 essential tips how to increase customer loyalty here!

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Mobile Payment

What Does The Rise of Contactless Mobile Payments Mean For Loyalty Programs?

Want to know how contactless mobile payments are impacting loyalty? Read our latest blog post to find out more.

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Card Linking

Card Linking Technology: A Loyalty Program’s Best Friend

Card linking can be the first step towards a frictionless loyalty program. Learn more about this technology here.

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A Match Made In Heaven? Customer Loyalty And Relationship Marketing

Unsure about the link between customer loyalty and relationship marketing? Look no further, read this insightful blog on both terms and learn how they are inter-connected.

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rewards for loyal customers

How To Reward Loyal Customers: Our 8 Top Tips

Choosing the right rewards for your loyal customers can be complicated. Fear not and get inspired by our top tips in this article.

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benefits of loyalty programs blog

What are the Benefits of Loyalty Programs?

Loyalty programs are a great tool for modern businesses, but you might not know exactly how they can help. Here are the key a loyalty program benefits your company. 

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Why Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty: Asking Why

Customer loyalty is by no means an easy or straightforward concept. After all, 75% of loyalty programs fail. Hence, asking "why" at every single step of the way of your strategy will be crucial to your loyalty scheme’s success. Let’s look at some of the most important “why” questions to ask yourself.

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Millennial loyalty phones

Guide to Millennial Loyalty

Millennials are often thought of as the generation that shops around without being loyal to brands, but they just need to be engaged in the right way. We are bringing you a handy guide to millennial loyalty.

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Best loyalty programs formula

What Do the Best Loyalty Programs Have in Common?

In search for the winning formula for the perfect loyalty program, we have scouted and analysed some of the most successful programs out there. What do they all have in common, you ask? Well, let us tell you.

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