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Make any data rewardable - our flexible architecture makes it easy to turn the data you’re already capturing in pre-existing internal or 3rd-party systems into rewardable moments.


Connect your ePOS system with our platform to directly import transaction data.


By activating integration with your CRM or ERP system, we can import data about your customer activity to trigger loyalty events. We can also send data from our platform back to your CRM or ERP to ensure that you have a complete profile of customer behaviour.


Use all your customer data that you collect into your CDP as events that you can incentivise and reward.


In addition to our in-house marketing module, we also integrate with many other platforms that allow you to communicate with your customers via a range of different methods.


Track customer behaviour across both physical and online channels by integrating your online sales platform.

Reviews and Ratings.

Link customer activity on third party review websites to their loyalty identity.

Social Media.

Reward your customers based on their social media activity.


Use customer location as a trigger for providing rewards.

Digital Gift Cards

Reward your customers with third party digital gift cards and vouchers from their favourite retailers!

... and many more!

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Core Platform


The aim of a good loyalty program is to turn your customers into loyal advocates, boosting your acquisition and bringing more new users on board. While they can do this on their own via social media or word of mouth, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to refer you to more people.


Turn existing customers into brand advocates with as little friction as possible by having referral options built into your loyalty app. We make it easy for your customers to refer their friends in a way that suits them, using whichever channel (social media, messaging, email) they use most often.


Most loyalty programs are built around rewards, so why shouldn’t your referral system be as well? By creating incentives for both the referrer and referee through your loyalty card app, you can encourage more and more people to share your message and advocate for your brand.

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Fully tracked.

Make it easy for customers to refer friends with unique URLs delivered via email, social and mobile. Our events-based system tracks the complete referral lifecycle, letting you include the value of referred customers when analysing your customers’ lifetime value.


You could leave referring entirely in the hands of your customers, but why wait for them to do so? Instead, you can use our powerful segmentation tools to identify your most active and engaged customers, then send them a personalised incentive to start referring their friends.


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Analysing your loyalty program’s data can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself; our system lets you use the power of AI modelling to find the business insights in your data.


Find factors that drive results.

It can be tricky to uncover precisely what aspects of your loyalty card app are working from the data alone. That’s where our AI comes in. By comparing different combinations of data points, our AI module can find the factors that are driving results, so you know which ones to focus on. By finding the hidden gems in your data, you can pinpoint key actionable insights and adjust your plans accordingly.

Optimise spend.

Make sure your money is being used as effectively as possible with White label Loyalty. Our system lets you capture customer-business interactions to understand the most cost-efficient routes to encourage customer retention. By analysing the full loop of retention actions and customer outcomes, our AI can suggest the best optimisations to refine your loyalty program and improve results.

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Target the right customers.

One of the most crucial aspects that determine the success of a loyalty program is whether or not you’re targeting the right people. Using White Label Loyalty’s AI, you can personalise the incentives you offer based on customers’ predicted value and churn probability with our predictive and prescriptive analytics solution.

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Get the right model.

We want to be sure we’re providing you with the best possible AI model. That’s why we’re continuously testing AI models against each other, refining the system to produce ever-improving results. Our AI enables your rewards and loyalty program to tap into that ever-important factor: Life-Time Value (LTV).


Core Platform


Loyalty campaigns should be based on solid data, not guesswork. Our system provides you with meaningful insights at your fingertips - including custom queries and charts - so you can be sure your decisions are backed up by solid customer information.

Business intelligence.

Your data is only useful if it’s easily accessible and understandable. Our system allows you to create charts by combining data from across the system, letting you utilise your very own dashboard of custom graphs to make everything intelligible and easily actionable.

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If you want your reward card app to be as successful as possible, you will need to adjust it as time goes on. Our analytics software gives you the information you need to do just that, enabling you to continually optimise your loyalty program with advanced customer insights. You can see real-time statistics, referral and retention analytics, and more within our in-built dashboard.

Go deep.

In addition to a broad view, our analytics software lets you drill down into individual users’ data. Comprehensive customer profiles are enriched with every interaction in real-time, while powerful segmentation tools allow you to uncover micro audiences and target them with effective marketing campaigns.

Case Study

La Casita

See how La Casita used our advanced analytics system to derive deep insights into their data for their campaign with Pernod Ricard.

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Reward programs can be powerful marketing tools, allowing you to easily reach your users and involve them with your brand. Our solution lets you engage with your customers with the right message at the right time and through the right communication channel.

Targeted messaging.

Rather than sending out the same information to everyone on your loyalty card app, our system allows you to segment your users based on any characteristic and tailor your messaging to speak to each group. This gives you the power to create personalised, data-driven marketing messages across your preferred communication channels, driving customer engagement and value.

Schedule it up.

Keep your schedule flexible by queueing your marketing campaigns up to be delivered at a specific time and date, enabling you to plan in advance. You can even configure a recurring schedule to automatically deliver messages without the need for human intervention.

Intelligent delivery.

A notification is only useful if it’s going to be read and absorbed, which won’t happen if the user is busy. That’s why our system analyses data to determine when each user is most likely to be using their device, delivering notifications to the loyalty card app when users are most likely to engage with them. You can create campaigns that automatically react to your customer’s actions, targeting them when they are most receptive.

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Campaign reporting.

To fully understand how well your reward program is working, you need access to data. Our system provides you with all the information you need, utilising integrated reporting to help you measure and understand the impact of your campaigns so you can tweak them where needed and make them as effective as possible.

Case Study

Emma's Diary

See how Emma’s Diary used our marketing module to engage their 700,000 users with a push notification campaign powered by customer data.

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Loyalty Console

Core Platform

Loyalty Console

Your reward card app is only as useful as your ability to manage and monitor it. That’s why we’ve crafted a console that gives you full visibility and control over your loyalty program, so you can configure it based on real-time user data.

See a birds-eye view.

For a quick snapshot of how your loyalty app is performing, you don’t want to be bombarded with useless data. Our console surfaces all the important information you need to know about your loyalty program and displays it on our easy-to-use dashboard, so you can make quick decisions or simply update yourself on its performance at a glance.

Configure your program.

Your loyalty and reward rules don’t have to be set in stone, and tweaking aspects of it can be key to making sure it performs as well as possible. Our console gives you the ability to configure the logic of your loyalty platform, modifying points, tiers, rewards and more.

Know your customers.

In order to make the best decisions about your loyalty program, you need to understand your consumer base. The ‘users’ section of the console gives you both global and individual level insight into your customers, and can even be used as a CRM system for managing users.

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Take Control

With our loyalty console powering your reward program, you’ll be able to take things to the next level. The console gives you the power to manage every aspect of your loyalty platform, located all in one place. You will be able to modify it as needed, adding custom rules to decide how and when different incentives are given to keep your customers coming back.

Case Study

Burger King EMEA

See how Burger King used our loyalty console to analyse and understand their loyalty data.

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Loyalty Engine

Core Platform

Loyalty Engine

Our loyalty engine is an AI and event-based powerhouse that drives the White Label Loyalty platform. Every part of it is designed with your business in mind, giving you the power to maintain a customer base, improve retention and drive return visits.

Event. Action. Reaction. Insight

Designed to reflect real-world activity, our loyalty platform models interactions between your business and your customers as a stream of events (e.g. a customer making a purchase, providing feedback, entering a geofence or simply interacting with your content) from which customer loyalty can be derived. These events pass through our flexible rule engine where the logic of the system is defined, such as awarding ten points to a customer each time they make a transaction.

Go beyond the sale.

Due to our loyalty platform’s event-based architecture, you can reward any kind of customer action. This could include referring a friend, providing feedback or any other kind of custom event. Our flexible model allows you to take your loyalty program beyond just rewarding transactions.

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Level up.

Take your customers on a loyalty journey by utilising gamification in your reward card app. You can enable tiers to encourage customers to unlock additional benefits, or take it to the next level with gamification features, such as badges and achievements.

API access.

Our loyalty engine is built on an API-first architecture, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems. Every aspect of the platform can be managed by an API and connected to any data source. It can also work with many third-party APIs that allow you to add additional data into your loyalty platform, or export data for use elsewhere.

Custom integrations.

Due to our core platform’s capabilities, it can be built around any webhook, CRM integration or bespoke add-on as needed. You can have as much customisation as you need to integrate with your existing systems and reach customers however you choose.

Case Study

La Casita

See how La Casita used our loyalty engine to create a unique and effective loyalty program.

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Core Platform

Core Platform

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