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Receipt Scanning and Loyalty Programs: The Ultimate Match

Loyalty program receipt scanning is a popular way of gaining 1st party customer data for your scheme. Find out how this tech can help your business improve customer experience and drive sales.

What is receipt scanning and who is it for?

Receipt scanning is a data capture solution designed to allow businesses to gain detailed customer purchase data. It is often used in loyalty programs as such integration benefits both the company or brand (i.e. by capturing valuable data) and the customer (i.e. by rewarding scanning of the receipts).


For some companies, loyalty programs are relatively easy to implement. A fast food chain can offer customers loyalty points at the tills with every purchase, for example. But what about a soft drink brand, or makeup manufacturer? They are selling their products through third parties (i.e. wholesalers, retailers), so integrating loyalty programs at the point of purchase is extremely difficult.


What about businesses that want to capture more customer data for their loyalty programs? Every piece of data from the time of a purchase to the person serving the customer can be useful. It allows companies to build up a picture of consumer behaviour and understand the best way to market to their audience.


In both these cases, the answer is receipt scanning. Receipt scanning is an ideal solution for any business with little end-customer data due to complicated or fragmented sales channel structure. It can be a powerful addition for brands struggling to implement a rewards program, as well as companies looking to access more data. 


Here’s how it can work for you.

How does receipt scanning work?

Many brands use loyalty apps, which incorporate receipt scanning technology. You might be wondering: How does receipt scanning work? When your customer makes a purchase, they simply go to their app and upload a picture of their receipt. The app then pulls the data off their receipt and provides them with their loyalty points. The amount of points they receive is relative to how the loyalty program is set up. For instance, they could receive 1 point for every pound or dollar they spent on your brand’s products.


For brands that sell through retailers and other distribution networks, this allows them to run loyalty programs easily. The AI-powered technology can learn to recognise your products no matter which store they are bought from. Therefore, even brands with fragmented distribution can benefit from using receipt scanning in their loyalty programs. How much data you can capture depends on the quality of the technology. White Label Loyalty’s receipt scanning solution can capture every piece of data on any receipt, leading to an extreme competitive advantage of earning data.

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Reliable & secure

Now of course, your customers likely buy other products along with yours when they shop. Fear not, this is not a problem but an opportunity! You can configure our loyalty platform to only reward customers for purchasing your products. However, with the receipts scanned in your loyalty app, you gain additional invaluable insight. For example, you might find out which competitor products customers bought along with your products. Moreover, you may find a certain segment of customers based on which stores they buy at or on which days of the week. All this information can be used to further drive your marketing strategies.


If you’re worried about accuracy or fraud, that’s something we’ve taken care of. When a customer scans their receipt using our technology, the app will send it to a manual reviewer if anything is unclear or if the purchase is unusually large. Plus there is an option of spot checking randomly by a manual reviewer to make sure everything is accurate. All this and more makes our receipt scanning is accurate and protected against fraud.

What can receipt scanning do for your business?

Once you have receipt scanning set up, how can it benefit you? Firstly, you can increase brand loyalty even if you sell through third-parties. It gives you control over your loyalty program. You won’t have to depend on retailers or wholesalers to set one up, and you won’t need to integrate with unfamiliar POS systems. Find out more about our brand loyalty specific solution here.


Then there’s the data you can collect. What time of day are your customers purchasing your product? Do they typically buy it on its own, or as part of a larger shop? Which merchants do they buy it from? All this information – and more – is available through receipt scanning. Anything that’s included on a receipt can be picked up and used to better understand your customers.


All this allows you to supercharge your loyalty program. Our receipt scanning solution is fast, accurate and flexible, letting you pick up practically any data from any receipt. If you’re interested in our receipt scanning technology, get in touch with us here.

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